How to pack your suitcase in winter: 10 practical tips and tricks to make your journey easier and enjoy your vacation!

by Kremy

Are you preparing for your next ski trip or your next winter vacation? Good for you! But you need to think how to pack your suitcase in winter so that you have enough space for your winter clothes and accessories. Even if you think it’s impossible, there are some ways to pack light – even in the winter. Maybe you learned it the hard way: On a trip, your overstuffed bag literally burst at the seams and you vowed never to pack too much again. Check out our simple packing tips and tricks to make your winter trip easier!

How to pack your suitcase in winter? Think about layered clothing when packing

How to pack your suitcase in winter to save space

Lightweight layers are your friend when it comes to packing to save space, and there’s nothing lighter or warmer than thermal underwear. Other clever yet lightweight layers like sweaters are easy to put on and off or pack back in your bag. Pack plenty of cold-weather accessories like scarves, gloves, and knee high socks that add extra warmth without taking up much space.

Use bulky items as buffers

If you are traveling with bulky clothing, pack it wisely. For example, use sweaters as a buffer to save space. If you have a bulky hat, use your sweater to fill it in.

Wear bulky clothing on the plane

Fluffy, heavy jackets and heavy shoes should be worn on the plane to save as much space as possible for other items. On an airplane, a jacket can easily be squeezed in the overhead compartment between other luggage. In addition, a nice, fluffy jacket can be used as a blanket or pillow during the flight.

How to pack your suitcase in winter: roll or fold

The best way to save space is to roll clothes instead of folding them


The best way to save space when packing your suitcase is to roll clothes instead of folding them. You can save even more space by placing smaller pieces of clothing on top of larger ones and then rolling both pieces together. A 25-year-old pilot says his top packing tip is to roll your undershirts, shorts and socks into little “soccer balls.” That way, the clean stuff is easy to find and the day’s outfit is together, making it easier to dress in a foreign city. Combine rolling and folding. We find that folding jeans and pants works well, while rolling jackets and tops is best. But feel free to experiment! Different materials fold differently and require creativity.

Use packing cubes

Using packing cubes compresses your clothes into a flexible cube shaped bag

Using packing cubes, where your clothes are compressed into a flexible cube-shaped bag, can also help you save space. The idea is to compress your bulky clothes as much as possible so your suitcase doesn’t fill up with air and wasted space. Not only can packing cubes keep everything organized, but bulky items are literally reduced to a smaller size.

There are also tricks you can use to make your own space-saving bags, either by submerging the bag under water to force all the air out – which can be problematic for all sorts of reasons – or by converting an ordinary zip lock plastic bag to fit your vacuum tube.

Use rubber bands when packing

Some people swear by rubber bands to fit lots of bulky items into a small bag. You can use rubber bands to tie each garment, making the most of the space you have in the bag.

Pack the jacket and shoes first

How to pack your suitcases in winter clever tricks to save space

If you’re going to a snowy destination, you’ll probably take winter boots with you as well. Start with an empty suitcase and fill the boots with small items (like socks, underwear, headbands, tops and scarves). Then, place the boots down in an alternating pattern (try making the outline of the boots like a square, with one heel on the bottom and the other heel upside down). Next, add your jackets. Pack them in the middle and the shirts and pants on the edges of the bag, but you can put them anywhere that fits.

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Pack the puffer jackets/vests

How to pack your suitcase in winter 10 practical tips and tricks

Puffer jackets and vests are not only trendy and cozy, but also perfect for saving space. Because of their material (they are insulated with feathers or synthetic fibers), there is more air between the material, making it easier for it to compress. To pack them properly, close the zipper or button the front. Fold the sleeves inward over the center and roll them up from top to bottom. Use a rubber band to hold the jacket in place, or simply tuck it into your bag last. In any case, the jacket is very easy to pack thanks to the soft and cuddly material.

How to pack your suitcase in winter – consider mix-and-match outfits

Pack clothes that match so you do not need so many extras

Pack clothes that match each other so you don’t need as many extras. If all your outfits are from the same or similar color family, you’ll only need an extra sweater and pair of pants for emergencies.

Pack multipurpose wardrobe for vacation

It is not necessary to pack three different outfits for a day trip

There is no need to pack three different outfits for a day trip. Start with a basic outfit for the day and complement it with heels, a blazer or sparkling jewelry in the evening. Oh, and those comfy yoga pants you packed for that lazy day at the hotel? There’s no reason why it can’t serve as pajamas, right?



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