How to Store Christmas Cookies Properly So That They Last a Long Time?

by Kremy

When it comes to Christmas cookies, we always tend to make a little too much. So what should we do to prevent them from spoiling? In this case, proper storage is essential! Do you know all the right things to do? No? Then let’s see how to store Christmas cookies?

How Long Homemade Cookies Last?

how long homemade christmas cookies last

The approach of the festive season is the perfect time to prepare mouth-watering, festive treats. Among the most popular desserts are the famous Christmas gingerbread cookies, which are a real pleasure to prepare. However, one question remains: how long homemade gingerbread cookies last? As a general rule, these biscuits can be kept for 2 to 3 weeks provided they are stored properly. Room temperature of 68F/20C is recommended. Also take into account that the icing could considerably reduce the shelf life of the cookies. If you want to store your cookies for more than seven days, it is best to frost them just before serving.

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How to Store Christmas Cookies?

how to store christmas cookies properly

If you follow the right storage tips, your gingerbread cookies will last a really long time. And to help you do just that, our editorial team has come to your rescue with the best tips. Let’s get started!

  • Allow cookies to cool

And here is the essential rule: it is important to let the biscuits cool down properly. Otherwise, the moisture generated by the heat will remain trapped inside the container and the cookies will become “soggy.” What to do? The most effective way is to lay the biscuits flat on a wire rack and raise it a little to prevent moisture from stagnating. Do this immediately after you get the cookies out of the oven. Christmas cookies usually need 10 to 20 minutes to cool properly.

  • Store different types of cookies individually

If you are one of the people who bake different varieties of Christmas cookies, you definitely need to know how to store them. Please note that each of them must be stored in its own container. This way, their flavors will be better preserved and the biscuits will not absorb unwanted moisture. For example, it is better to separate cookies that have a more delicate texture and taste.

  • Store the cookies in suitable boxes

Christmas gingerbread cookies are dry biscuits that are best stored in non-airtight metal tins. Have you prepared a large number of cookies? Layer them in the container, making sure to separate each layer with waxed food paper.

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