Is Nail Polish Allergy Real? Here’s What the Experts Think!

by Radost P.

Is it possible to be allergic to nail polish? What are the symptoms that you should look out for? Are artificial nails safe for you?

Can a Nail Polish Trigger Allergy, According to Specialists?

what does a nail polish allergy look like

If you are anything like me, you probably believe that the manicure is an important part of your overall appearance. It is almost like an accessory that definitely enhances your positive features, right? The question is, can you get allergies as a result of using nail polish? Here’s what the experts have to say!

Your Cuticles Could Look Reddish

One of the signs of a nail polish allergy is when your cuticles feel swollen and hot. In this case, remove the lacquer as soon as possible and treat the affected area.

Your Lips Could Become Swollen

swollen lips nail polish allergy


Although this is a rather unusual symptom, if you happen to be allergic to gel nails, your lips could get swollen.

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Allergy to Nail Polish Symptoms – Look for Rash on Your Body

According to doctors, you may notice an itchy and reddish rash that’s located around your eyes’ area. To prevent this, ensure that you use the right kind of nail polish that is safe for you.

Blisters Could Show Up Around Your Nails

Having blisters around your nails is a severe symptom of nail polish allergy that typically develops several hours after the procedure. If it is necessary, it is wise to consult with your doctor.

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Your Nails Are Peeling or Discolored

peeling or discolored nails

Generally, you can expect this after a long-term use of certain nail polish product. So, be careful when choosing nail cosmetic products to use.

Are Artificial Nails Safe?

are artificial nails safe

As you know, artificial nails help you to create the illusion that you have longer nails than your natural ones. Yet, keep in mind that there are important elements that may lead to a development of severe allergic reaction. The first ones are called acrylates – they are used in both sculptured and performed nails. Acrylates could potentially lead to permanent nail loss and paraesthesias. While this is not a common reaction, it is wise to be informed and choose what to do. On the other hand, methacrylate-based glue (which is often used in artificial nails) could cause dermatitis and benzoyl peroxide is known to be an allergen in some cases.

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