Do NOT Wear Gel Nails in These Cases! When and Why NOT to Wear Gel Nail Polish?

by Anjelina

Manicure with gel polish is extremely popular among women who love a good aesthetic look. Apart from being beautiful, it is also very convenient because it usually lasts at least a few weeks. But as much as we love getting a gel manicure, there are some situations in which it should be avoided for our own good. We’ll tell you about them in this article, so you can be prepared and NOT wear a gel manicure when you shouldn’t!

In Which Cases NOT to Wear Gel Nails?

when not to wear gel nails and why

There are many controversial opinions about whether gel polish is harmful, but it is generally believed to be safe in most cases. However, there are some particular times when we should be cautious and avoid wearing it so that there are no further complications. Let us now see when and why it is better not to wear it:

After Fungal Infection

fungal infection why you should not wear gel nail polish


If you have treated your nails for fungus until recently, it is definitely a good idea to wait a while before getting a gel manicure. Gel polish can damage the nail plate, which is very vulnerable at that point, so it is better to use special nail strengthening polishes, some of which also have a rich vitamin complex.

Allergic Reactions

allergic reaction to wearing gel nails

Allergic reactions due to the application of gel polish have been increasing in recent times and are occurring in both clients and manicurists. Why does this happen? The gel polishes that are used contain (to varying degrees) chemicals that can be allergens.

Allergy does not always manifest itself immediately. You may notice symptoms even after a few months, especially doing gel manicures regularly. Seek the assistance of a dermatologist in the following cases:

  • itching, burning or redness of the skin on the palms and fingers
  • peeling or cracking of the skin and nails
  • lifting or separation of the nail plate (in rare cases)

During an MRI Scan

mri magnetic resonance imaging scan not wear gel nails

It is recommended that you do not wear any kind of nail polish during an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) scan, regardless of which area of your body it will take place. Nail polish has small amounts of metal particles that can interfere with the accuracy of the scan.

Other Specific Cases

specific cases when you should not wear gel nail polish

There are some specific cases in which you should not wear gel nails. They are the following:

  • When being treated with antibiotics
  • Taking hormonal medication
  • Chemotherapy
  • If you are under 15 years of age (as the root of the nail can be damaged very easily due to it not being strong enough yet)
  • When there are skin and nail infections or damage

Can I Wear Gel Nail Polish while Pregnant?

what to avoid during pregnancy

Although there is no certain information on whether wearing gel polish can harm a developing fetus, many doctors recommend avoiding it. This is especially important during the first trimester, when the baby is most vulnerable and the placenta is not fully formed. In fact, all types of nail polish should be avoided during this period because of the harmful chemicals (acrylates and methacrylates) that can get into a woman’s bloodstream and thus reach the baby. Also, because of hormones, gel polish may not last long and may flake off, which would necessitate more frequent visits to the manicurist and therefore more exposure to UV light and harmful chemicals.

Can You Wear Gel Nail Polish During Surgery?

can you wear gel nails during surgery

You should not wear gel nails or any other type of nail polish during surgery. In most hospitals this is absolutely forbidden. Why? Doctors monitor the color of the nails and possible complications are detected this way. Wearing nail polish can interfere with monitoring the oxygen levels in your blood, as the oxygen sensor is placed on the fingertip. Additionally, there is a risk, even if small, that the chemicals in gel polish will react with the medications, leading to unforeseen situations and complications.

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