Graduated Bob Hairstyles 2023: Which One Will Suit You Best?

by Kristiyana

Are graduated bobs still in fashion 2023? What is the difference between an inverted bob and a graduated bob? Who suits a graduated bob? All you need to know about this stylish haircut, plus 20 gorgeous graduated bob hairstyles to choose from, suitable for any hair type and style. 

Graduated Bob Hairstyles 2023: Which One Will Suit You Best?

graduated bob hairstyles for thick hair short hairstyles for thick hair

Ever heard of the stylish graduated bob haircut? A graduated, stacked or inverted bob are three different terms to describe the same hairstyle consisting of stacked up layers in the back with short layers along the sides, gradually getting longer and longer. The length of the haircut is up to the wearer, but usually shorter graduated bobs are the more popular choice. This hairstyle is bold, edgy, and suitable for women of all ages. But who will it suit best? And which style to choose?

Who Suits a Graduated Bob?

The graduated bob can suit any face shape, but you still have to be careful with the length you choose. If you have a round face shape, you would want to choose a bob length that is not too short. This can end up making your face appear fuller than it is. When it comes to hair types, a shorter graduated bob can be ideal for adding volume to thin hair. For thick hair types, opt for a longer graduated bob to reduce the weight of your hair.

Short Graduated Bob Hairstyles 2023

graduated bob haircut for fine hair short hairstyles for fine hair


As aforementioned, a shorter graduated/inverted bob would be perfect for someone struggling with thin hair. Even if you have very fine hair, this short bob can still work for you. Get it cut at a chin-length, and make it go shorter around the nape of your neck. This will give your new hairstyle a more full-bodied effect.

Modern Long Graduated Bob Haircut

long graduated bob inverted lob cut

Want to try the graduated bob, but still preserve your longer lengths of hair? Try this shoulder-length long graduated bob. A bob cut at this length is still considered a bob, and looks chic nonetheless. Perfect for thick hair types, this bob offers you with just the right amount of volume your hair needs.

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Layered Graduated Bob with Fringe

layered graduated bob with fringe layered bob with fringe

Thinking about spicing up a trendy graduated bob with a cute fringe? A graduated bob like this one will require very little maintenance, and is perfect for women with busy schedules. Your hair texture is also of key importance, as this haircut is best suited for women with straight or wavy hair types.

Perfect Graduated Bob for Curly Hair

graduated bob curly hair graduated bob hairstyles

Curly gals can also pull off a chic graduated bob hairstyle! Opt for a messy curly inverted bob for a low-maintenance haircut on the go. If you want to add to the natural texture of your curls, engage in some light styling by diffusing or air drying your hair.

Graduated Bob for Wavy Hair Types

wavy inverted bob for women with glasses short hairstyles for women with glassed

Which graduated bob style would be perfect for someone with wavy hair? Try this super cute choppy bob haircut to make your hair look full of life. This graduated bob will enhance the natural wavy texture of your hair. The jaw-grazing length will further boost the movement of your locks.

More Inspirational Graduated Bob Hairstyles 2023

short graduated bob hairstyles soft blunt graduated bob

Shoulder length graduated bob haircut

shoulder length graduated bob long graduated bob

Dark inverted bob with honey highlights

graduated bob for wavy hair shoulder length graduated bob

Short graduated bob hairstyles 2023

short graduated bob hairstyles short inverted bob

Chin-length graduated bob for over 50 

chin length graduated bob older women graduated bob hairstyles

Layered graduated bob with fringe

bob with graduation layered graduated bob with fringe

Short inverted bob cut for curly hair

graduated bob curly hair curly bob hairstyles

Stylish black graduated bob with red highlights

graduated bob with red highlights inverted bob haircut

Short inverted bob with undercut

graduated bob with an undercut graduated bob hairstyles

Graduated bob hairstyles for over 60

graduated bob hairstyles for over 60 short hairstyles for over 50

Black graduated bob with layers & highlights

graduated bob with layers layered bob cut

Chin-length graduated bob haircut

chin length graduated bob graduated bob hairstyles

Modern graduated bob with pink highlights

graduated bob hairstyles graduated bob hairstyles 2023

Graduated bob hairstyles for over 50

graduated bob hairstyles for over 50 short hairstyles for over 50


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