Kids bedroom Christmas decorating ideas for a magical atmosphere

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amazing kids bedroom Christmas decorating ideas

Kids bedroom Christmas decorating ideas can transform the room of your child into a magical kingdom and a winter fairytale. There are many holidays in our life – both official and personal. But among all the others, Christmas is a special event, and for many it is the most important holiday. After all, anticipation, preparation and high spirits are a whole cascade of joyful feelings. And, if you think about it, the origin of this attitude dates back to childhood memories.

christmas decoration for childrens rooms tips and theme ideas


Remember yourself when you were a child when the box with Christmas decorations seemed like a treasure chest? Now, when you have children of your own, they have the same feelings. It is not so important for them whether you have a real tree or an artificial one, what kind of decorations you use, old family ones, new fashionable ones or hand-made. For children, the main thing is the holiday mood which most often depends on the atmosphere in the house, and if the kid has his own bedroom it is a must to decorate it for the coming holiday. We shall give you some guidelines and ideas how to decorate the bedroom of your kids and make it look festive and joyful!

Kids bedroom Christmas decorating ideas – colors and themes

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Kids bedroom Christmas decorating ideas should be, before all, interesting and safe for children, including the youngest ones. Some parents think that it is enough to decorate the living room but if you want to create a “special holiday world” for your child, you will find some adorable ideas in the photo gallery below which may be very useful. You may prefer ready-made decorations or be a fan of DIY projects, either way, you will find great suggestions and a variety of ideas below and they are all based on the main rule for decorating kids rooms – they are meant to please the children! We will show not only Christmas tree ideas, but also different ways to decorate walls, windows and doors, as well as techniques to help include the element of an exciting game, which, is very important for children.

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Designing a children’s room is an important work and safety should be a priority. Before choosing the elements of the decoration you have to make sure that they are age appropriate. In nursery rooms it is not necessary to hang electric garlands and Christmas tree decorations made of glass or other material that can hurt the child. Height is also an important consideration. It is better not to hang the decorations too high. We all know that children are curious and very inventive. If they want to touch the glittering ornaments they may climb up a chair and fall. If you are going to put a Christmas tree in the kids’ bedroom, then you must make sure it is stable. Use soft textile, paper or plastic toys as tree ornaments.

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Kids bedroom Christmas decorating ideas vary in color and theme as well. You do not need to be a professional designer to understand that too many colors may be disturbing. It is best if you select one or two main colors. It should be noted that the design of the children’s room for boys and girls is different.

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How to decorate boy’s bedroom? The decoration in a boy’s bedroom should be in calmer shades. Blue colors are very often chosen for boys and will also help you create a wonderful winter mood. Bright red accents are a great idea. Brown and green is another successful combination.

kids bedroom Christmas decorating ideas

How to decorate girl’s bedroom? All girls like to be little princesses. Therefore, in their bedroom the festive decoration must be carefully selected and every detail must attract attention. You may choose white or pink artificial Christmas tree. Even a pale blue one can be used if your decor is based on Winter Wonderland theme. Silk ribbons, fluffy toys, gold or silver glittering ornaments – these will be your main elements.

Kids bedroom Christmas decorating ideas – how to choose the elements and the ornaments

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When you search for kids bedroom Christmas decorating ideas you have to keep in mind the size of the room that you are going to decorate. Is there enough space for a Christmas tree? Surely, for any child, a Christmas tree in their room will be a delight. It is most convenient to place the Christmas tree in the corner where the chances of being knocked down are smaller. If the room is too small for a tree, you can use fir branches. Dip them into a saline solution for several hours and they will shine like magic crystals or coat them with glue and sprinkle with sequins, glue pieces of cotton or paper napkins to imitate snow frost.

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The windows in the children’s room can be decorated with homemade paper snowflakes, various figures of gifts, bells, snowmen, etc. They are easy to glue to the glass. You can paint the windows by hand using watercolors or special glass paints which after drying turn into a thin film and can be easily removed from the window. You can paint the windows with toothpaste as well and this is the safest option. You can find many different stickers for windows, mirrors and wall decals. These stickers look beautiful and are easily removed from the window after the holidays.

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Christmas themed bedding set will immediately transform the look of the child’s bedroom and you can choose from so many designs and colors! What can be easier than that?

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Christmas is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable holidays for children. It is important that the child take part in decorating his room and this can be one of the most joyful Christmas activity for your child!

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