Kitchen islands on wheels – functional and modern solutions for any home

by Kremy

advantages of kitchen island on wheels with storage shelves


Modern kitchen design is based on connecting together visual aesthetics, ergonomics and warmth. There are some trends that seem to be stuck to the past but traditions are often replaced by creative solutions that make life easier and if you add a little fantasy to traditional interiors you can achieve a rather interesting result. Kitchen islands on wheels sound like a non-standard solution. However, it is one of those additions that becomes more and more popular. It combines efficiency and elegant design and is also a very convenient assistant, making the kitchen cozy and kitchen chores – pleasant.

The growing popularity of movable kitchen islands is based on the carts and trolleys used in commercial kitchens. This is a stylish and functional item, which offers numerous design options and this allows each home owner to choose the best one for his home. Moving islands easily fit into any design, style, colors and layout and work harmoniously with all elements of the interior and in addition, they even add a flavor to the overall appearance.

You may have noticed that many designers use kitchen islands on wheels as a piece of furniture which not only looks great but also allows optimal use of space. Generally, islands are made as a separate construction which is usually installed in the center of the room and this area is used as a working surface for cooking or as a dining area. However, a large island with seating, storage cabinets, drawers or shelves are suitable for large kitchens while in small rooms there is simply not enough space to install one. Yet, the mobile alternatives are a great solution for small-sized kitchens and can add to its functionality and convenience. We shall look at the advantages and disadvantages of this type of furniture, the different styles and design options, so that you can decide for yourself whether to get one for your home.


Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen islands on wheels


modern kitchen design furniture ideas island on wheels and bar stools


Modern kitchen islands on wheels are presented in a variety of design interpretations, so that they become a harmonious addition to absolutely any style. Why choose a movable island? Let’s have a detailed look at the pros and cons of this type of kitchen furniture.

On the first place, these functional furniture pieces are very easy to bring in and “install” and just as easy to remove if you don’t like the look as they are not attached to the floor. It is also very convenient to change the location of the island at any time which will give the kitchen a completely new look without any effort.

You can expand your working surface easily, if necessary, when you attach the island to the table top and thus increase the number of tasks – you can combine vegetable cutting on one side and meat, poultry, fish preparation on the additional working area.

kitchen island with open shelves on wheels storage ideas

Some models are equipped with many drawers and shelves and provide additional storage space for dishes, cookware, cooking books, etc. You can conveniently store cups, plates or anything else. Depending on the design, you can even store your wine bottles. The additional storage space will help you keep all utensils and maintain order in the kitchen. Further to that, it is much easier to keep clean when you can move the furniture.

Flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of movable islands. A small kitchen shall not be blocked by a centrally located island which is of great importance. You can easily move your island on wheels to a window or place it in a corner, and move it out, if necessary and if you need it. This leaves passage areas free and it is more convenient to approach the refrigerator, sink or stove. Even if you use the island for food preparation, smaller models can be slightly moved away. Of course, high-quality wheels are a must, so when choosing such an island, you need to pay special attention to hardware.

Additional dining space – an island in the kitchen, which is easy to move, can always serve as an additional dining area or as a small buffet table. This will make a family dinner much more comfortable, and the housewife will not have to be fetching food or drinks from the kitchen.

kitchen island with open shelves movable islands on wheels

You can experiment with the design of the island. For example, a stainless steel worktop and large industrial wheels will give the kitchen a more modern appearance. You could opt for a multi-level surface and choose an island with retractable or folding countertop which will give you even more working surface or dining area. Some models are so compact that, if necessary, they can be hidden, for example, under a table or shelves, which instantly leaves free space in the room and you can opt for a custom made island on wheels which will become an integral part of the kitchen cabinetry.

Another great advantage of kitchen islands on wheels, especially the smaller models, is that they can be relocated and used in the garden, on the balcony, by the pool and other places. Compact models can function as a mini-bar on wheels as well.

On the downside of kitchen islands with wheels it can be pointed out that they lack the stability of conventional ones which are fixed to the floor. Smaller models can tip over easily when the wheels are not locked. This is an important consideration for families with small children or pets.

Low-quality wheels can unlock themselves which can be potentially dangerous and soft rubber wheels may leave marks on the flooring. In addition, such low-quality hardware may not withstand the load which will lead to deformations and possible scratches and damages on the floor. As we already mentioned, it is very important to select high quality wheels when choosing such structures.

Typically, this type of islands is not designed to be equipped with electricity or additional appliances like grill, a cooktop or a sink. This limits their performance so if you need an additional cooking source or a sink, this is not the right choice for you.


Kitchen islands on wheels – functional and practical design ideas


movable kitchen islands with storage cabinets

It is a fact that when people think of kitchen islands, they imagine large furniture pieces, equipped with a sink or a cook top and it is true that everyone would love one of those models that we see on the photos in magazines or on the internet. Another fact is that when people think about kitchen islands on wheels, they imagine a cart or a trolley and assume that this is something designed to be used in a tiny kitchen. Combining efficiency with an elegant design, the kitchen island on wheels will turn into a practical and rather fun addition to the kitchen. Mobile islands come in different sizes, so both the owners of a spacious kitchen and the owners of a small studio apartment can afford them.

A valuable and practical advice, before choosing a mobile island, is to carefully measure out the dimensions of your kitchen. It is very important to see if you have the adequate space between your island and the rest of the kitchen area.

kitchen island on wheels open shelves wood flooring

Keep in mind that the choice of a kitchen island primarily depends on its purpose. If this piece of furniture is going to be used as a dining table, this means that it should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable and have the required height. In addition, it should blend harmoniously into the interior of your kitchen, so make sure you choose suitable chairs or benches for it.

It is great that nowadays kitchen islands on wheel come in a variety of design interpretations and every homeowner can find a harmonious addition to absolutely any style. For example, an island made of wood is the perfectly choice for rustic, Shabby chic, Mediterranean, Provencal or Tuscan style kitchen. For modern and contemporary kitchen interiors, islands with neutral and unobtrusive design, straight lines and glossy finish will complement the simplicity of the overall design.

In conclusion, we can say that the main task of a kitchen island is to create an additional working area. When the size of your kitchen does not allow you to install an island of sufficient size or if you prefer to keep flexible, island on wheels are the perfect choice. They offer extensive functionality, convenience and practicality and, last but not least, their design is extremely simple, and therefore – durable. Enjoy the photo gallery below!


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