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by Kremy


In this article you will find some useful tips on the topic “how to landscape ”. Creating beautiful gardens, flowerbeds, survey ground levels, and design garden structures is not just being able to plant flowers in your backyard. It’s the art of designing the living world that surrounds you. To create a beautiful, harmonic, eco-friendly environment you need to know how to landscape almost as a professional designer. Once you learn how to landscape professionally you will also be able to start learning how to create different water features, draw garden plans, even repair site damage. But we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves and go one step at a time. First of all, if you are not planning to make landscaping  architecture a future career, you need to understands only the basics and will be able to create amazing gardens. Knowing how to landscape means knowing how to design and maintain the living environment.

Landscape Architecture Pirrama Park Design



As a professional designer that knows how to landscape you will be able to choose the right plants and makes a survey. The design process starts with fully analyzing the site. It includes analyzing the soil. First what you need to do is make a plot plan. You can do that by simply sketching the property. Don’t forget to include the existing features in it like the trees, the driveway, summer house etc. Once you’ve done that you can clear out the things you don’t want in your plan. When you are done sketching your plot plan and you’ve included all the features in it you can start preparing your planting design. The easiest way to do so is by sketching your ideas onto a garden plan. In that plan you need to include all the garden borders you need. The first steps in landscape architecture can be a bit frustrating but you will get the hang of it.

Landscape architecture – BGU University Entrance Square & Art Gallery


One of the most important things in landscape architecture is having the picture of your future garden in your mind. Keep that picture and follow it. If you need to search for some video tutorials on planting some of the flowers you can. Do anything in your power to follow the design in your mind and you will be surprised by the results. And at last my last tip, which more of a thought about how to landscape professionally. It’s not so much about knowing as it is to feeling it.

Text by Rebecca T.

Landscape Architecture Design From Chyutin Architects


The Round Tower


The Round Tower


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