Library furniture ideas – express your style in the reading corner

by Kremy

library furniture ideas home library design wall bookshelves

Library furniture ideas come in so many different styles that each and everyone of us can create his dream reading corner, a special place to enjoy a good book in peace and quiet. Many people nowadays prefer e-books and tablets, but nothing compares with the pleasure, the unique feeling of the rustling of book pages and for the people who prefer “old fashioned” real books, a home library is not a luxury but a necessity.

Home library furniture ideas home library design wall bookshelves red sofa


How to create a comfortable home library? What is the right design? How to choose the right furniture and decoration so that to enjoy the comfort in your own home? It all depends on the personal taste and preferences of the homeowner. Your home library interior can be harmonized with the overall style in the design of the house, but may differ from it so that it reflects your personal favorite era. Are you attracted to Victorian furniture? Or perhaps the ultra modern minimalist designs are more appealing to you? Do you prefer a comfortable coach or a deep reading chair with a footrest? We shall give you some fascinating library furniture ideas suitable for any modern home and inviting you to sit down with a book and spend a relaxing time at home.

Library furniture ideas – how to choose the best furniture

Home library furniture ideas home library design wall bookshelves armchair side table

How to choose the right furniture? How to arrange the furniture so that the room provides the ultimate comfort? Look at the library furniture ideas in the gallery and you will see some of the most important pieces as well as interior design elements which create a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere. A home library has to provide, before all, comfort. The style and the combination between the different elements should be visually appealing so the room is nice and cozy. All the furniture should be easy to use and its ergonomic characteristics should meet your criteria for usability and comfort. Of course, library furniture should be manufactured from high quality materials, environmentally friendly, durable, and resistant to damage.

home library furniture design modern daybed side table

When you want to create a pleasant, stylish and comfortable library room, you need to know a few rules which will help you feel comfortable and at the same time provide a favorable environment for your books. Experts advise that optimum temperature in the space  is 20 degrees Celsius and humidity levels should not exceed 60%. The books should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should be kept in an upright position.

Home library furniture ideas home library design wall bookshelves blue sofa

Library furniture should include bookshelves, closed cabinets, comfortable upholstered furniture, and if the home library and the home office are in the same room – a desk, an office chair or a sofa. In addition your library room will need good lighting, both natural and artificial, a carpet, possibly a side table and curtains which will protect your books from being exposed to direct sunlight.

Library furniture ideas – choosing the style to reflect our personality

Home library furniture ideas home library design wall bookshelves armchair reading corner

The variety of library furniture ideas is very helpful to people who want to create a place which reflects their personality and individuality. The choice of furniture for the home library will be determined from some important factors – do you plan a separate room for it or you have to accommodate your books in the living room or the bedroom?

Home library furniture wall bookshelves modern sofa skylight attic remodel

The best possible option is to spare a separate room for your home library. Think of remodeling your basement or the unused attic. This will give you the opportunity to create a home library design and you will not have to follow the overall home interior concept.

ideas design wall bookshelves living room

In urban dwellings most often the living room accommodates the home library. In small apartments it is almost impossible to spare a special place so you need to be more creative with the lbook shelves. In the living room wall bookshelves are a good idea as you take advantage of the vertical space and install floor to ceiling bookshelves. When the home library is in the living room the furniture has to be in line with the design style so that the furniture pieces in room do not look mismatched. A good organization of the book collection will be convenient for you and you will be able to quickly find the book you need at any time. In addition, the room will not look untidy and messy. When the book are going to be arranged in the living room, a suitable coffee table is much more appropriate than a desk. A sectional sofa with ottoman, for example, is also a fantastic option. Compact bookshelves can be installed in the hallway or in a small niche under the stairs.

interior design  ideas modern living room

Although traditionally made of wood, there are many modern library bookshelves made of alternative materials – metal, plastic, a combination of glass and stainless steel. They would be suitable for homes with contemporary interiors in minimalist style.

ideas design black wall bookshelves basement

Lighting is of great importance and lighting fixtures, although technically they are not referred to as “furniture” play a significant role in the design of the home library. Natural light is essential, as long as it does not damage the books. Curtains, drapes or blinds will help you control the light flow in good or bad weather. When choosing the lighting fixtures, those with soft light are to be preferred. Many experts advise that it is a good idea to use a backlight placed over the shoulder of the reader so that it does not blind the eyes. At the same time it should be strong enough so that the you do not strain your eyes

classic ideas design wall bookshelves

As a conclusion, you should remember, that home library furniture has to express your personality and love for books. Add a few accessories to personalize the place, but be careful not to overload it with too many decorations. You special place must not be crowded or cluttered but pleasant, comfortable and carefree.


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