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Creative solutions and landscaping ideas for small front yards


creative landscape ideas for small front yards flower bed lawn blossoming tree

Landscaping ideas for small front yards can offer many creative solutions and bring your tiny front yard to a new level. Even the smallest front yard can be transformed into an eye catching garden which will attract the attention of neighbours and passers-by. A well-maintained and landscaped front yard is a complement to the house and shows the taste of the homeowner. A successful curb appeal has several elements – flowers, grass, rocks, gravel, garden fence or other decorative items.

Landscaping ideas for small front yards – beautiful small gardens

awesome landscaping ideas for small front yards garden path blooming flowers

It is important that the outdoor area in front of the house enhances the architecture and matches the appearance of the house itself. Some plots have large front areas and you can create spectacular garden designs. However, it is not impossible to achieve the same if your front area is limited and these landscaping ideas for small front yards will show you beautiful examples for awesome front yard solutions.

 Landscaping ideas for small front yards – the elements of a successful garden design

Landscaping ideas for small front yards garden design flower beds decorative rocks

Landscaping ideas for small front yards include a variety of components. The main goal is to have a neat and tidy front yard and not ruin the impression of your beautiful home. To begin with the path leading to the front door – curved or with straight lines, it should be paved, so that the access to your home is easy and welcoming. Evergreen plants are a nice and good choice for the front yard. Combined with blooming plants, trees and shrubs, the right plants choice will guarantee that the front yard will look beautiful all year round. The garden lighting plays an important role even in a small front yard. It will highlight the accents in the landscape design and add to the atmosphere and appearance of your home. Decorative rocks, elegant water features, curved lines – all these can be incorporated into the landscape of a small front yard.

small front yard landscaping designs ideas stone paths shrubs lawn

Small front yards can be viewed in their entirety at a glance which means that your garden will be perceived by the people as a whole. Limited space will make you take certain decisions and it is quite likely that you will not be able to plant all the plants that you like. To avoid a feeling of clutter and an overcrowded appearance it is best if you limited the color palette. Of course, despite the limits, landscaping a small front yard has some advantages. You need a small number of plants to create a dramatic effect. A simple low wooden fence makes a small garden into a formal garden. A low fence may define a space for entertainment and children’s games.


small front yard landscape ideas water feature green lawn

small front yard landscape ideas interesting flower beds lawn

creative landscaping ideas for small front yards hanging basket planters lawn perennials porch swing

small front yard landscaping green grass house exterior front yard garden

small front landscape pebbles garden path exotic plants

Landscaping ideas for small front yards low fence hedge plants lawn

Landscaping ideas for small front yards garden design gravel lawn

Japanese style front yard maple pebble stone-pillar wooden gate

charming landscaping ideas for small front yards palm tree lawn

english style front yard landscape ideas house exterior design

Landscaping ideas for small front yards easy symmetrical front garden lawn shrubs

landscaping ideas for small front yard driveway lawn flowers

small front yard landscape design beautiful plants path flower beds

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