Living room in Japanese style

Written by Kremena Ruseva



Asian interior design can be characterized as simple, modern, comfortable and magical. The simplicity is coming from the regular shapes of the furniture, the good organization of elements in the room and the free space around. The modern presence appear in the high quality materials – teak and palm wood, bamboo, recycled glass and maybe rock for contrast to the simplicity. Good organization is obligatory for Asian style of furniture and decoration.

Japanese living room


Every single thing in the living room must be placed in the most appropriate position in order to be capable of perform its function. Asian people are spiritual, steady and well-balanced. That is why it is so important to them to bring the comfort in their homes – to preserve their inner harmony and share it with the family. And that is how the magic comes in the Asian interiors – with its strangeness and order, with the beauty and the authenticity.

Minimalist Japanese living room


Japanese living room interior as a significant part of the whole Asian culture and lifestyle possess these simplicity, comfort, magic and modern elements. We can find these signs in any room – in the kitchen, in the bedroom and even in the living room. Actually, the living room is a very important place for all people. The reason is hidden in the Japanese lifestyle – full of tradition, rituals and habits which people still stick to.


The tea ceremony with friends and family takes place in the living room. Japanese tables are low, small sized and with no decorations. But the set may cost twice than the furniture. It is made from porcelain or it is handed down from generation to generation and keeps some old and magic history. In the Japanese living room the table has a key position, other furniture may be missing and substituted with cozy pillows made from cotton or linen.


Colors in Japanese living room are mostly brown, white, beige, and sometimes black – for a contrast. Walls could be decorated with hieroglyph in order to emphasize the main idea of the interior design. The eccentric Japanese interior is diversified with carpets or with paintings – geishas in a circle or ninjas in a spiritual ritual.



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