Top Low Maintenance Hair Color Ideas: Look Fab Without Ruining Your Budget!

by Gabby

Sometimes, women are overwhelmed by such a feeling and need for change… Most often we resort to changing our nails, style or hair. Summer is the season when we want to look stunning whether with a new hairstyle or a new hair color. However, what can this cost our hair and our budgets as a nice hair color can cost a lot? Don’t worry! Today, we will suggest low maintenance hair color ideas that you can try out in 2023! Let’s check them out now!

Top Low Maintenance Hair Color Ideas: Look Fab Without Ruining Your Budget!

low maintenance hair color ideas 2023

Can we achieve the perfect hair color without having to break our budget too much? According to many experts, this is easily achievable depending on your natural hair color, texture and what you prefer. Today, we’ll take a look at the most popular colors that are a total hit right now among celebrities and more. I am not going to waist more time, let’s dive right in!

What Is Low Maintenance Hair Color?

An easy-to-maintain hair color means two things: first, it shouldn’t cost you a lot of money to maintain it at the salon, and second, if you don’t have time to visit the salon, you should be able to do it yourself at home. It is actually achievable to dye your own hair at home, when you get used to it. So, ladies, it is not as scary as it sounds. Let’s see which are the top choices!

what is low maintenance hair color ideas 2023 brunettes hairstyle summer trends


Expensive Brunette Hair Color

expensive brunette hair color easy to maintain ideas hailey bieber

For my lovely brunettes out there, that need a change for Summer 2023, we highly recommend the “expensive brunette” hair color. It is not only considered low maintenance, but it is the perfect golden shade of brown, that will highlight your natural tan and will make you look incredible for the season. I am sure that if you mention this color to your hairdresser, they will know it, since it is all over the Internet. Every it-girl is trying to adapt it!

Reverse Balayage Brunette

reverse balayage brunette low maintanence hair color ideas 2023

Have you heard about the reverse balayage brunette hair? This hair technique includes doing lighter and darker shades in your hair to create dimension and depth, making it appear thicker and more voluminous. For natural brunettes, you can easily achieve this type of reverse balayage at home by choosing the right shades for it. Depending on your skin tone and preferences, you can go with caramel brown to blonde, or honey and golden hair colors.

Best Low Maintenance Color for Gray Hair: Mushroom Brown and Light Copper

best low maintenance hair color for gray hair for women over 50 mushroom brown light copper

For the women with gray hair over 50, 60, or 70, it is essential to find a low maintenance hair color. If you want to cover your gray locks, you have to find something that will not be as damaging and at the same time covering the gray color nicely. The best shades for that would be mushroom brown and light copper. They are not only easy to maintain, but super trendy at the moment.

Warm Blonde Hair Color

warm blonde balayage hair color easy to maintain summer 2023 trends

If you’re blonde, or want to be, the easiest color to maintain is warm blonde. It can easily be achieved with just one color of dye, or you can make a balayage that blends different warm shades. This hue will be very popular this Summer 2023 and you are going to start seeing a lot more. It looks great on both curly and straight hair, but the best way to wear your hair to highlight the color would be beach waves.

Money Piece Highlights Blonde

money piece highlights easy to maintain hair colors blonde 2023

Let’s start by saying that in general one of the easiest highlights to maintain even at home are the money-piece. They are the perfect way to frame your face and you can easily do them at home. Both brunettes and blondes can adapt them. The technique is to do really light color in on two pieces of hair in front, as you can see on the photo, which will show off your facial features and make your cheekbones look snatched and stunning!

What’s The Hardest Hair Color to Maintain?

You know that a lot of the hair colors take a little bit more care than others. Just like certain shades of blonde, the red hair color needs much more attention. According to specialists, the red shade is the hardest color to maintain and the toughest one to remove. Once you dye your hair red, it will not be easy to keep the shade luscious and saturated as much as you want. Our suggestion is to avoid it, if you opt for a low maintenance hair color.

whats the hardest hair color to maintain deep red hairstyle trends 2023

What Color Hair Should an Older Woman Have Over 60?

When we reach a certain age, we have to be careful how much we damage our hair. If you want to cover up your gray hair, great! There are many hair color choices out there. However, the easiest one to maintain would be the salt and pepper hair. The black will add more intensity to your gray locks, which will make them look chic and expensive! This hair technique is ideal for women over 60!

salt and pepper hairstyles for women over 50 low maintenance hair colors 2023

Other Low Maintenance Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2023

shadow roots blonde hair

What Is One of The Easiest Hair Colors to Maintain? Golden Brunette Balayage!

golden brunette hair color low maintenance ideas 2023

Sun kissed Babylights on Brown Hair

sunkissed babylights easy to maintain hair color ideas 2023

Golden Toffee for Brunettes

golden toffee hair color easy to maintain shades 2023

Black Hair Color

black hair color summer trends 2023

Blonde Ombre: Summer Hair Trends 2023

blonde ombre hair color easy to maintain 2023

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