Why is Everyone Doing the Mediterranean Diet? – Find Out the Health Benefits of These 8 Tasty Foods

by Radost P.

The moment you hear the term ‘a healthy diet’, you probably start to imagine that it is not going to be delicious. Most people believe that the tastiest foods are actually bad for your health. Yet, this is not the case at all. At least when it comes to the so-called Mediterranean diet. It includes foods that are both nutritious and delicious, so there is something for everyone. According to experts, this specific diet is good for your heart and brain, so it is worth it to give it a try! If you are curious or plan to improve your life, keep on reading to find out the best foods to include in your Mediterranean diet.

most people believe that the tastiest foods are actually bad for your health yet this is not the case at all at least when it comes to the so called mediterranean diet

What Do You Eat in a Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating that allows you to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Do you know that your mood is impacted by the foods you eat on a daily basis? Well, this is what most studies have found. So, you should take care of yourself by learning what’s good to eat. Now, let’s move on to which exact foods to include in your diet!

Vegetables – The Superfood

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As you probably already know, spinach is called a superfood. Why is that, though? Well, there are many reasons, actually. Spinach is known to contain calcium and magnesium – they’re so important for your health! According to experts, this salad can reduce blood sugar and prevent cancer. It is not a coincidence that spinach is one of the main vegetables in the Mediterranean diet.

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Fish and Seafood – Focus on This Type

Tuna is known to be a great protein source, since it contains omega 3 fatty acids. Besides, it helps your nervous system that so much needs vitamin B12. It is best to eat tuna in smaller portions as it contains some amount of mercury. This is especially important if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Fresh Fruits – What’s The Best?

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Raspberries are low in sugar, and so they are a great alternative to eating strawberries with sugar. This may surprise you, but this fruit also contains anti-aging antioxidants! In addition, raspberries provide your body with a lot of vitamins and nutrients. They are high in fiber and are known to help prevent diabetes.

Nuts and Seeds – Which to Eat?

It is afternoon, and you are wondering what snack to eat – chips maybe? Well, there is a better alternative – cashews or walnuts! They are rich in protein and contain antioxidants. According to experts, the chance of getting a heart disease or stroke decreases when you eat nuts. Also, your cholesterol levels will decrease.

Alternatives to Your Regular Snacks

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Including hummus as a part of your diet provides many benefits for your body. This product contains vitamin E, zinc, and calcium. Besides, hummus contains heart-healthy fats and fiber. You can use it as a snack, lunch, or dinner. Hummus reduces inflammation thanks to the sesame seeds that it contains.

Whole Grains – Nutritious Foods

Compared to white rice, you can expect to get more nutrients from the brown rice. It contains minerals like zinc, calcium, and selenium. Besides, this whole grain provides your body with important fatty acids and proteins. It can help you to lose weight and prevents neurodegenerative disorders. What is surprising is that brown rice can improve maternal health and mood.

Cheese and Dairy Products – Breakfast Idea

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On one hand, eggs contain important vitamins like A, B5, and B12. They provide your body with zinc and selenium. On the other hand, Parmesan cheese is a source of protein and it is easily digestible. It is a source of minerals and contains minimal amounts of lactose. You can combine these two products for a healthy breakfast!

What Can You Use Instead of Sunflower Oil?

Do you know that olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties? Compared to sunflower oil, it contains many more benefits for your body. For example, it protects you from heart diseases and stroke. Olive oil also has vitamin K and E, which could prevent other dangerous diseases.

Mediterranean Diet Meats – Which One is Allowed?

list of foods in the mediterranean diet chicken raspberries which fruits and vegetables to eat how to prevent heart diseases and stroke meals for lunch

Chicken is so good for you because it keeps your bones healthy and strong. Also, it is known to reduce stress and boost testosterone levels. As you already know, chicken soup is known to help you when you have a cold. The reason being is that it boosts your immunity.

Herbs and Spices – Add These to Your Meals

Rosemary is known to improve your memory, boost the immunity level, and decrease muscle pain. Cinnamon have anti-viral properties and can relive indigestion. So, it is absolutely important to include these two in your diet!

What Foods Are Not Allowed on a Mediterranean Diet?

Although there are no strict rules when it comes to the Mediterranean diet, there are foods that you should avoid. Some of them include processed meats and cheese. Examples of these include bacon, sausage, and Velveeta cheese. Unfortunately, the standard American diet includes many of these things. So, it is important to take action and protect ourselves from diseases.

To summarize, the Mediterranean diet does not require you to follow some definitive rules, yet it is important to know what is good for you and what is not. We hope that this article was helpful to you in giving you some ideas that are healthy for your body!


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