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by Kremy

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Glass kitchen cabinet doors will give a sleek modern look to any kitchen. There are many ideas, featuring different materials – wood, MDF, laminate – but when it comes to quick and budget friendly remodel ideas, the replacement of cabinet doors is the most obvious and logical way to transform a dated kitchen into a contemporary and visually appealing space. Glass cabinet doors have the advantage of being versatile and you can use them in almost any interior design style. They will fit into a rustic, Mediterranean, traditional, craftsman style and you will save a lot of money by replacing doors only. We chose to show you a selection of contemporary glass kitchen cabinet doors so that you can add a modern flair even if you are planning a renovation on a budget.

Glass kitchen cabinet doors add a feeling of space and airiness

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A traditional kitchen cabinet is designed to accommodate all the dishes, food ingredients, cooking utensils and cookware that you usually use. Glass cabinet doors appeared later and were meant to display the beautiful dishware of the family. Nowadays, when design is based on functionality, ergonomics, space saving and convenience, glass kitchen cabinet doors are often used for the modern look and the extra gloss that they give to the space. Glass in the interior fills the room with light and transparency which is especially important for small kitchens. Glass cabinets doors are an excellent solution with poo lighting as glass can be used to reflect light, whether natural or artificial. Some people have concerns that if they replaced the fronts with glass ones, all the content of the cabinets will be exposed. This can be easily avoided if you chose frosted or stained glass, but you shall notice in the gallery below that very often, the content of the kitchen cabinets is deliberately exposed. You can actually create a spectacular visual accent if you paint the inside of the cabinets in a contrasting color.

The advantages of glass kitchen cabinet doors

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Glass kitchen cabinet doors are usually installed on upper level cabinets as lower cabinets are more susceptible to bumps and bangs and there is a higher risk of being damaged. Moreover, people seldom store heavy pots and pans in the upper cabinets. Glass fronts are a quick way to modernize an outdated kitchen and give it a more open look. You can display vintage collections of glasses or dinnerware which will add to the decor of your kitchen.

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The most obvious disadvantage of glass kitchen cabinet doors is that some glass can shatter so you need to choose a stronger type of glass. Stained glass can lose its colors over time and the replacement could be quite expensive. It is recommended to choose high quality glass which will hold better over time and will not need repairs and replacement.

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