Monkey pod tree furniture ideas – amazing solid wood furniture

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Monkey pod tree sustainable wood furniture ideas

Monkey pod tree furniture is strikingly beautiful and those who are attracted to the exotic beauty of this wood will appreciate the visual aesthetics of the selection we made for you. What is monkey pod tree, actually? When we talk about solid wood most people are thinking about oak, hickory, mahogany, which are the wood species traditionally used to make furniture. Despite the exotic name, the trees are quite common and often used in landscaping.

Monkey pod tree natural wood furniture ideas


These trees can reach a height of 50 to 80 feet (15 to 24 meters) and it is the umbrella-shaped canopy that gives them their unique look. The canopy grows about 100 feet (30 meters) in diameter and if the tree has enough space to spread out, it can reach 200 feet (61 meters). The wide canopy makes monkey pod trees, also widely known as a rain trees, one of the best shade trees and if you need a shade for your backyard – this would be a good choice! This wood species are widespread from Mexico to Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. The tree grows rapidly and tolerates various climate conditions.


Monkey pod tree furniture ideas – sustainable wood with a great visual appeal

solid wood furniture ideas console table

Monkey pod tree furniture ideas offer a great visual appeal indeed. The wood has an amazing grain pattern and whether stained or unstained, every piece has a unique look. The furniture is natural, organic, and beautiful and each piece has its own character and individuality. Typically, it is hand-made which makes every piece a work of art adding a natural look and style to any room with its amazing colors and patterns of wood grain. Without any doubt, this is a great option for all homeowners who prefer the eco-friendly alternative to the ordinary and mass produced pieces made from metal or plastics. Homeowners who chose the green living know that natural wood furniture would vary in color, texture, and finish color and same applies for monkey pod tree as well. Furniture manufacturers accent and underline the natural wood tones and the unique grain pattern with translucent oil. Wood color varies from light reddish, shades of beige to dark reddish and browns.


Durable and eco-friendly furniture for every home

solid wood monkey pod furniture ideas breakfast bar

Monkey pod tree furniture ideas are not only strikingly beautiful. One of the major characteristics is their durability. The wood is naturally resistant to moisture, rot, and insects. The wood ages beautifully and with the years you may notice the appearance of tiny cracks which can be sealed with natural neutral color wood oil, but add to the unique charm of every furniture piece. Monkey pod tree furniture will add warmth and naturalness to any living space and will blend harmoniously with almost any interior design style. Enjoy the gallery below and see the selection of beautiful solid wood furniture featuring monkey pod tree wood!




original side table solid wood

furniture ideas original side tables

solid wood furniture ideas table

Monkey pod side table natural wood furniture ideas

monkeypod headboard bed frame nightstand

monkeypod countertop bar stools wood furniture


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