Mother’s Day Cards: Tell Your Mom What She Means To You With an Honest and Kind Message!

by Anjelina

Mother’s Day is a wonderful holiday and an occasion to express gratitude to the woman who raised you and sacrificed so much for you to have a happy life! She has been there for you whenever you needed it the most, given you advice, and continues to do so to this day. That’s why we suggest you take a look at our collection of Mother’s Day cards and remind the most important woman in your life that you love her and are grateful for all she has done for you!

What to Write In a Mother’s Day Card?

mother's day cards wishes for mums

It seems that writing a Mother’s Day card is easy, but is it? Sometimes it’s things like this that can be very confusing, especially when we’re trying to express what we feel. If you have decided to write the message of the Mother’s Day card yourself, then you may try to include the following:

  • give thanks for all she has taught you (you can also be more detailed and name specific things)
  • remind her of a fond and dear memory you have together
  • don’t forget to tell her that you love her and that she means a lot to you
  • be sure to include “Happy Mother’s Day”

If this is still a difficult task for you, then don’t worry! We have prepared many Mother’s Day cards that you can simply download for free and send to the most special woman in your life! Let’s get started:

Mother’s Day Wishes

wishing love and smiles for mother's day


We will start with a few cards that include kind wishes to mothers. We are sure every mother deserves to hear and know that her children want her to be happy, loved and ever so strong. Check out our mini collection of wishes to make your mom feel truly special on this beautiful day:

Wishing a very special Mother’s Day

wishing a very special mother's day

Always be happy and remain strong…

mother's day wishes card for mothers

Keep making our lives happier

as bright as the sun wish for mother's day

Mother’s Day Cards for New Moms

smiling baby and new mom mother's day wish

One of the most exciting times in any woman’s life is when she becomes a mother. Along with all the responsibilities, emotions and caring for a newborn, she may doubt whether she is doing well enough and you as her husband are obliged to remind her that she is great and there is no better mother for your child than her! Tell her how proud you are of her and how much you appreciate her with a card with an appropriate message. We have prepared a few that you might like:

You’re an amazing mom and wife

new mom appreciation and gratitude expressing card

Mother’s Day card for first-time moms

happy mother's day to a wonderful first time mom

Happy first Mother’s Day

happy first mother's day wishes

Expressing gratitude

happy mother's day to first time moms

Mother’s Day Cards from Daughters

mother daughter relationship mother's day card

Over the years, we realize that mum is our best friend and someone we can rely on. And as daughters, it’s nice to remind them how much they mean to us and how much they have given us to make us who we are today!

Thanks for always being there…

happy mother's day card from daughters

Moms are examples of who we want to be like

example of who to be like mother's day greeting card

Being by your side in the most difficult moments

appreciate mother being there at all times

Mother’s Day Cards from Sons

hope mother's day is amazing card from son

The mother is a central figure in her son’s life. She often becomes an example of what he wants his future wife to be like. If you too are a grateful son, then be sure to surprise your mother with a lovely card to express how much you love and cherish her!

Making me the man I am now…

happy mother's day card from sons

You are my biggest inspiration

being son's greatest inspiration mother's day cards

You should know that I love you…

son's expression of love to his mother

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