Murphy beds for optimum use of space – 10 clever designs

by Kremy

cabinet folding bed sofa combination

When it comes to really small or narrow space, Murphy beds are a wonderful idea for preserving the valuable space. These 10 cool Murphy beds for small room design present different models that would fit perfectly into your small space. The problems with small living spaces is often found in guest rooms, dormitories, or even in your first apartment. The good news is that new technology and innovation may solve these problems, and they produce designs that we might not have seen in the past.

“Tama” is a larger version of a desk-bed combination that features a full size mattress. Tama is a great example of a Murphy bed that combines function and fashion in one package. The fact that it has a great mattress makes it suitable for a small apartment or a student housing.

Murphy bed “Tama”

Tama folding computer table


 TAMA folding bed for optimum space utilization

 “Dile” is a Murphy bed that among all the models discussed in the article, provides the most flexibility. A sofa provides a seating area that would probably be used more as a desk. With laptops today you can work anywhere, and do not need to be tied to a desk. The darker wood is striking and this is a great model for a living room. The combination between the seat with sleeping accommodations may prove more useful than a desk-bed combination.

 Murphy bed “Dile”

Dile sofa bed convertable

Dile sofa bed transforming furniture


“Leo” is a Murphy bed model that combines a hidden folding bed and a storage compartment. The hidden bed is located on the underside of the shelf and appears quite natural at first glance. This Murphy bed would be ideal for a room where perhaps the living room, kitchen and bedroom are summarized.

leo murphy bed for optimum space utilization

leo single bed hinged

“Tale” is a computer desk that also works as a Murphy bed. This bed is perfect for a student because the desk has a nice size, and allows the student to expand his documents and to have enough room to work. This piece is perfect for a bedroom in a shared flat.

tale murphy bed  desk bed optimal space utilization

table desk transformation

The folding bed “Isola” is a bed that is suitable for a very mobile person. The bed itself is on wheels and has a desk on the other side. This design will fit perfectly in very small places like the campus at a university. The mobility of Isola would prove to be useful for students when they might even have to roll it to a specific area.

isola metal murphy bed

isola metal murphy bed transformation

This bed, called “Matrimonial” is a ground-breaking-murphy bed. We like hidden beds like this, since their purpose is to ensure that the guests are comfortable. This model is also well hidden in a storage unit that could appear as a kind of shelves. This exclusive model also has a folding work table that can be used for many different activities.

Matrimonial Murphy bed for optimum space utilization

Matrimonial Murphy bed for optimum space utilization cabinet plus able

“Mr. Hide “is a sofa bunk bed combination that folds out in a number of sleeping rooms harboring three people. That’s a lot of “bedroom” for a piece of furniture. A family vacation comes to mind as a kind of necessity, where the sofa bed can come handy. Of course, this could also be cozy for a family so close to each other to lie. Hopefully no feud breaks out!

Mr Hide bunk beds sofa conversion

Mr hide sofa bunk bed transformation

These vertical bunk beds, called “Ledo”, use wall mounting in a small space that fold out twin beds. This design ensures quick sleep arrangement that might be in a shelter, fire department or a public area. The top bunk has no railing, which makes this a poor choice for children.

 ledo murphy bed bunk beds

 Ledo muphy beds transformation

 “Goalani” is the biggest of them all in this collection. This bed combines a storage capacity of a wardrobe, shelves and a cot – all in one model. The first impression is that this piece would be much more difficult to move due to its size. On the other hand, it offers a whole room of furniture in a piece of furniture that can save time in shopping for furniture.

Goalani wardrobe shelf and bed combination

Goalani wardrobe shelf and bed combination

 “Castelo” is a bunk bed system developed just for sleeping. There is no other element or combination, which makes it a part-time solution for guests. The challenge with these large piece comes in finding a cupboard in your home to store the bed. Its height can not fit into lots of closets. It is hinged and can be left tilted in a wall. This piece is remarkably thin.

Castelo bunk beds fold out


Castelo bunk beds fold out



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