What nail shape to avoid after 50 years of age? The Dos and Don’ts for a perfect manicure!

by Kremy

The summer of 2022 has been a time for vitamin-rich colors and well-groomed nails. However, the cold season is no excuse to neglect your hands. At 20 or 50, you want to wear a manicure that attracts the eye. But before the polish comes the nail shape. And after 50, you don’t choose just any nail shape. Find out which nail shape to avoid after 50 years of age. A few strokes of the file, a little color and a lot of softness are enough to give your hands the glamorous boost they deserve. Let’s go!

What nail shape to avoid after 50 years of age?

nail shape to avoid after 50 stiletto nails

Once you’re past fifty, choosing the right shape for your manicure becomes a difficult task and many women do not know how to proceed. Wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots, dryness, visible veins and capillaries, the signs of aging are not reserved only for the face. In this case, what shape to choose and what colors of nail polish to wear to highlight your hands? To make it simple, we tell you which nail shape to avoid after 50.

Stiletto nails – the nail shape to avoid after 50

what nail shape to avoid after 50 years of age stiletto nails mistakes


When you’re 25, long stiletto-style nails and extravagant manicures do the trick and show a strong personality. However, after 50 years of age, this is no longer the case. To wear long or even very long nails, they must be in good health. And after fifty, this is rarely the case because of menopause and the hormonal imbalances that go with it. The result? A fragile and brittle manicure. The stiletto shape is therefore to be banned after 50 years of age. Embraced by stars on the red carpet and young girls on Instagram, pointed nails are ultra glamorous, but require a certain length that is difficult to achieve at this age. This manicure is not the most practical on a daily basis. In short, to wear it, you must have healthy nails. If not, forget it and adopt one of the shapes below!

Nails for 50-year-old women: The shape to choose

what manicure after 50 years of age nail polish color nail shape trend 2023

To give a beautiful look to your mature nails, file them in an almond shape if you have thin fingers or in a square shape if they are wide. Take a glass or cardboard file and always pass it in the same direction to avoid breakage. Make sure they are not too long. A small tip: Do not file your nails after showering. For a perfectly groomed manicure, moisturize your hands with a castor oil or balm to keep cuticles under control. Apply the product before going to bed, massaging in circular motions on the skin and the nail plate. A well-chosen nail polish will give you the final touch!

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Our tips for a perfect manicure at 50 years of age

what is the best nail shape for 50 year old women

We have said it many times, certain nail polish colors tend to bring out the spots and visible veins on the hands after 50 years of age. So it’s crucial to choose shades that do not bring out these small flaws. Orange, pink, lilac and metallic are the tones to be favored by mature women. However, turning fifty does not mean stopping all fantasy. However, reaching 50 doesn’t mean you have to stop being fancy so dare to have fun with 2023 nail color trends that emphasize the minimalist look, chrome accents and glamorous colors.

nail shape that refines elongates the fingers woman 50 years old

While some nail art designs bring out the veins and spots of mature hands, others highlight them. This is particularly the case with the reverse French manicure and the baby boomer that go wonderfully with square or almond shaped nails. So, forget the dark tones like blue and green. Instead, dare the soft and clear shades that elongate and refine the fingers.



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