New Moon in Capricorn 2024 – Significance, Symbolism and Effect on the Zodiac

by Stephanie Yankova

What’s new under the stars, or shall I say among them? Just a week after we sent away the last Mercury retrograde of 2023 on the 2nd of January, welcomed Venus in the passionate and intense sign of Scorpio and Mars entered its exaltation in Capricorn, on the 11th of January we’re expecting the first New Moon in Capricorn of 2024! What messages does it carry, and how is it going to affect each of the zodiac signs? Let’s find out!

new moon in capricorn 2024 meaning

New Moon in Capricorn 2024: When Will it Occur?

On the 22nd of December, the Sun entered the sign of Capricorn (which also marked the Winter Solstice) and will stay in it until the 20th of January. On the 11th at exactly 06:57 a.m. ET the moon will make a full circle on the astrological wheel and stand right next to the Sun in the same sign of the earthy Capricorn. This is a magical moment when the energies of these two celestial bodies collide to give us the strength to make our dreams come true.

What Does it Symbolize?

The first New Moon of the year symbolizes purpose and ambition. It gives us structure and enables us to make a clear plan for new beginnings, projects, and ideas. It’s in the sign of Capricorn, which means that our approach will be meticulous and goal-oriented.

We can expect it to activate topics related to our career and professional development, and provide us with opportunities to turn our plans into reality. You will be divinely guided in the process, as the energy of this sign is incredibly durable and motivational. Capricorn asks of us to abide by the laws and respect the hierarchy. Think carefully about what steps can you take toward eliminating things that currently limit you, and start laying the foundations for the most satisfactory future you can envision for yourself. This is the time to make concrete decisions and take full responsibility for your lives!

Every plan and energy that you activate during this New Moon will bear fruit in the fall of 2024.

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How Will the New Moon in Capricorn Affect You Personally?

new moon in capricorn 2024 effect on the zodiac signs

In order to find out what the effects of this New Moon will be on you as an individual, you must see in which house is Capricorn in your natal chart. This will give you clarity on the specific area of your life that requires you to take action during this period.

1st House

This is the house of identity – the way you see and present yourself to others, and how you act in and experience new situations. With Capricorn in your 1st house, during this New Moon, you will be entering a whole new chapter of your life. It’s time for new, exciting projects in a completely different direction from your current one.

2nd House

This is the house that rules our finances, as well as our emotions and the deepest, darkest corners of our being. Right now, you are given a chance to take full control of your earnings. Through hard work and patience, you will get exactly where you want to be. Your discipline will be amplified, so give into that helpful energy because it will allow you to achieve the financial freedom you seek so passionately.

3rd House

The 3rd house rules over communication and your connection to others. If you feel like there are people in your life who are holding you back, or stopping you from speaking and living your full truth, this is a good time to let them go. As you do that, you will open room for those who will help you reconnect with yourself and your purpose and even guide you on the path to your end goal.

4th House

The 4th house symbolizes the most sacred aspect of our lives – our home and family. During this New Moon, you are given an opportunity to grow in that aspect. Whether it’s a new home, a new relationship, a marriage, or a new family member, you will feel divinely guided and protected in the process of nurturing and expanding your family and interpersonal connections.

5th House

This is most famously known as the House of Pleasure, as it rules sensory stimulation, creativity, and relationships. If you’ve been trying to manifest a new love in your life, you’ve thinking about going on an adventure, or introducing a new habit into your routine  – now is the time! Allow yourself to be brave, explore new areas of your life that you’re passionate about and in 6 months you will see how you’ve transformed into a completely different version of yourself!

6th House

This is the house that rules your health and habits. If the 1st house represents the initial state of your body, the 6th house is what you become over time. This New Moon in Capricorn is an incredibly favorable time for you to make a switch in your routine for the better. Right now you’re feeling motivated to live a more balanced and healthy life with a big focus on sports and nutrition.

7th House

This house symbolizes our romantic relationships. With Capricorn in your 7th house, you look for love that’s collaborative and ambitious. You want a partner who’s going to work just as hard as you do to make your collective dreams come true. During this New Moon, you can confidently start laying the foundations of this union.

8th House

The 8th house has a transformative energy. It represents birth, death, as well as rebirth. You will be the one to endure the biggest shift during this period. There is new, protective, and supporting energy awaiting you on the other side, but you will have to let go of everything that no longer aligns with you to reach it. What may seem like a big loss, will actually reward you with an even bigger win. You are met with extremely powerful energy that will help you make your dreams come true – trust it!

9th House

This house deals with philosophy, religion, thoughts, and morals. This New Moon is empowering you to shine in your career. By adopting new skills, you will progress in your professional field and will be generously rewarded with a raise. However, if you feel like your current workplace is not a good fit for you anymore, now is the time for a change!

10th House

The 10th house represents your knowledge and career achievements. This is your time to climb new heights! Make a plan about everything you want to achieve in 2024 and follow it meticulously. You’re given all the patience and power you need to see these goals through.

11th House

This is the house of your hopes and dreams, as well as friendships. This New Moon, you’re given a chance to take up space. Make your ideas heard, put in the work, and watch your dreams come true one by one. Trust the people around you to help you reach your full potential!

12th House 

This house governs the spiritual realm. With great inner discipline, patience, and consistency, you will be able to channel your creative energy into a project or idea that you can monetize. Whatever may have seemed unrealistic or unachievable in the past, now has the potential to  completely change the course of your life for the better.

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