Martin Luther King Jr Arts and Crafts for Preschoolers: 5 Ideas To Honor The Great Man

by Kremy

Martin Luther King Jr. Day honors the life and ideals of this civil rights activist who fought for equality for people of all colors. On this day we also honor his significant contribution to freedom in the United States and around the world. When it comes to kids, it is sometimes hard to explain to them the significance of one person yet, it is our duty to teach them what’s right and wrong and for the little ones, the best way to do that is through activities that they like. So, have a look at these Martin Luther King Jr arts and crafts for preschoolers and see which one is suitable for your child.

martin luther king jr arts and crafts for preschoolers

Martin Luther King Jr Arts and Crafts for Preschoolers: Peace Themed Projects

martin luther king jr arts and crafts for kids

Martin Luther King Jr arts and crafts for preschoolers are a chance for the kids to learn about different races, cultures, equality and of course, war and peace.

Peace Dove Craft for Kids

peace dove craft for kids

For this craft you will need a paper plate and crayons or water colors. Simply draw a dove silhouette in the center of the paper plate.

peace dove craft for kids martin luther king jr day crafts

Draw perpendicular lines along the dove and cut of the paper plate. Glue the cut of parts at the back of the dove. That will be the wings of the bird. Use the water colors or crayons to draw the beak and eye and decorate the wings.

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Martin Luther King Jr Day Craft Ideas: World Peace Project

martin luther king jr day craft ideas world peace project

For this craft you will need a large sheet of cardboard, white (or colored) paper, pencils and scissors. You will have to help with outlining the map of the world.

Start by cutting a circle, several paper dolls and doves. You can draw the figures on cardboard and use them as templates. If you are not skilled at drawing, just print out the figures that you need for the project.

Outline the continents on the circle. Lay the paper dolls around the circle and glue them on the cardboard. Add the doves. The children can color the paper dolls and continents.

I Have a Dream Paper Garland for Preschoolers

i have a dream paper garland for preschoolers

This is a very easy craft for kids. You will need craft paper, gingerbread cookie cutter, heart shaped cookie cutters, twine, scissors, punch and pencils. Use the cookie cutters to trace the shapes on colored paper. Cut out the hearts and paper dolls. Glue smaller hearts on the bigger ones and write “I have a dream”. Optionally, you can print out hearts with the text inside. Punch the figures and thread the twine. Your Martin Luther King Jr themed garland is ready to be hung!

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Hand Print Wreath Craft for Martin Luther King Jr Day

hand print wreath craft for martin luther king jr day

Another great craft idea that kids will love! You need 2 pieces of cardstock, colored paper, a pencil, scissors and glue. Trace the hand of the child on the cardstock to make a template. Cut out the hand template. Draw a circle on the other piece of cardstock and cut it out. Then draw a smaller circle and cut it out to make a wreath base.

Use the hand template to trace and cut out hands out of the colored paper. Glue the colored hands on the wreath base slightly overlapping them.

Hand Print “I Have a Dream” Board Craft

hand print “i have a dream” board craft

To make this “I have a dream” board for preschoolers, you will need large cardstock, white paper and water colors. Optionally, you can print out motivational lines or some of the most important things that children need to know about Martin Luther King Jr – love, peace, equality, etc. Paint the kids’ hands with water colors and print them on sheets of white paper. Let the paint dry and then cut out the hands. In the meantime, the kids can have fun with coloring pages that you can include in your craft project. Start glueing the printed hands on the cardstock, adding other elements as you go. The photo above is a very good idea that can inspire you.

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How to Draw Cartoon Martin Luther King Jr Video

Here is a great video tutorial on how to draw cartoon Martin Luther King Jr. from Art for Kids Hub. It’s easy and it’s fun!

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