New Years Eve decorations – creative ideas for an unforgettable night

by Kremy

New Years Eve decorations 2017 party decor

New Years Eve decorations can be very different from the Christmas decorations yet the type of decoration will depend on the type of party you plan – do you intend to throw a gorgeous party at your home or spend a quiet and romantic evening with your partner? How to decorate your home and have an unforgettable night, how to organize the perfect party without much stress? We shall give you some useful tips and ideas which will help you in the organization of the festive celebration. If you have to organize everything yourself, you need a little inspiration. Create the right mood by decorating the house with an exceptionally beautiful decoration for a fantastic New Year’s Eve party.


New Years Eve decorations – plan the decor and the theme of the New Year’s Eve party


decorating ideas table decorations


New Years Eve decorations often take more time and effort than the actual celebration. After all, so many things have to be prepared – gifts, menus, outfit, and, of course, to organize a fascinating holiday decoration. It is time to start planning New Years Eve decorations and collect interesting ideas. The brighter the design and the decor – the better! Prepare in advance all materials, a decoration plan, make sure that you found the perfect place for each accessory in the interior. Creating a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere for your New Year’s Eve party is simple and with some cool ideas you will be able to impress your friends and family. The most striking and stylish New Year’s Eve decorations, you can not only buy in a store, but make them by yourself using the materials that you have at hand. Let’s create a fabulous atmosphere together! Not only the money or the time spent in preparation will make the evening unforgettable. The secret of success lies in the good organization strategy, light food, glamorous cocktail recipes and a few clever decoration tricks. Add a pinch of creativity and a group of good friends, and you’ll have the best New Year’s Eve party ever! Here are some useful tips:

new years eve party decorations New Years Eve party fun activities

Arrange a late start time – if you plan a cocktail party it is easier because your guests will not get hungry. You do not need to prepare a 7-course menu, so the New Year’s Eve party can start after 9 pm.

elegant new years eve party decorations new years eve decorating

Make a plan according to the available time and budget. Make sure you know the number of guests so you can prepare well.

new years eve party decorations ideas glamorous table setting buffet table


Get help with the preparation. This is essential as you wouldn’t want to spend days in preparing the perfect New Year’s Eve party and feel too tired to enjoy it! When you expect a large group of friends coming for the night, ask someone to come in advance and help you with the decoration, the table setting, even with the shopping of food and drinks. This will cut your efforts in half and the process would be more fun.

new years eve party decorations ideas DIY decorating ideas

Think about the music as this is a major element of a good party. Choose the music in advance according to the kind of atmosphere you want to create. If you want people to dance, then you trust the charts. Do not forget to dim the light and lower the volume of the music for the big countdown.

New Years Eve decorations creative DIY decorating ideas roses candles

The menu – Nothing kills the fun of a party like creating a menu that keeps you all day in the kitchen and then you end up with a pile of dirty pots. The easiest way is to offer a range of attractive and above all simple and homemade treats. Presentation is important not the recipe itself. Finger food is a great solution, so think of arranging a buffet table and presenting the food in a spectacular way. Think of the drinks – beer, wine, do not forget the champagne for the midnight toast. Do not forget water and soda. Think of a party punch which you can serve.

new years eve party decorations ideas balloons banners

The decoration adds to the festive atmosphere tremendously. Buy some balloons and noisemakers for midnight. Sprinkle confetti on the table. Collect all the glasses, vases, lanterns and fill them with candles of various shapes and sizes. Everyone and everything looks better with candle light.


New Years Eve decorations – quick and creative ideas for a festive decor

new years eve party decorations ideas candles gold accents

New Years Eve decorations begin with the selection of materials suitable for creating a festive atmosphere. Is it possible to create a stylish and bright decor for New Year 2017 with the help of cheap materials? It is quite possible! What can you use? First think of the color scheme of your New Year’s Eve decorations. At the heart of New Year’s Eve decoration ideas are the accents on the table decorations, the small details that matter and add to the festive mood. For each decor design a fusion of colors and motifs can be created, which can be complemented by additional ornaments and decorative accents. In this way, you can not only create an elegant ambience, but also create a real party atmosphere and surprise your guests.

new year decorations ideas white blue

A white color scheme is suitable for modern minimalist interior design and can open smaller rooms. White furniture with simple design and white decoration and candles – this decoration idea is suitable for the whole winter and for New Year’s Eve you only need to add a Happy New Year banner.

dinner table ideas new years eve party decorations ideas

Silver themed New Year’s Eve decoration is a great idea as you have the opportunity to make your home look glamorous and glittering. Silver can be combined with any other color and if you want a monochrome decor combine white and silver. When you want color pops you can add purple, turquoise, blue, red or any other color that you like. The glitter of crystal and silver has always been associated with the most solemn and elegant events and if you plan a sophisticated party – this is a good choice for a festive decor.

decorations ideas gold table decorations

Gold is the color contemporary elegance and if you want to set the tone for an exquisite New Year’s Eve, use the shine of gold. Gold is perfect for New Year’s Eve decoration. The color is glamorous and festive and can be represented by various objects such as Christmas tree balls. Use small sized balls with a matte or glossy and shiny finish, as well as candles in golden cups. For more elegance and brilliance – decorate candlesticks with gold beads or use the same beads for making rings for the napkins. Even a white tablecloth with just a centerpiece in gold will add to the festive look of your table. Open the champagne, light the candles and prepare for a celebration!


Using candles for New Year’s Eve decorations

DIY last minute table decoration for new year blue crystals candles

For an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party an exciting combination of different crystal candlesticks and white candles in different sizes can be arranged in a matter of minutes. Such decoration can be combined with classic plates and silver cutlery, or alternatively placed over the fireplace or in the living room. The trick is that you select the candles correctly – they must be in different sizes to make the place look more lively and festive.

party decorations ideas champagne bottle

Decorate beautifully the sparkling wine bottle with glitter gel and stickers. The champagne glasses will look especially elegant with a soft satin bow. Set the clock as a symbol by arranging a few alarm clocks or hourglasses on the table or placing dials under a glass plate.


Window decoration ideas for New Year’s Eve party – candles, garlands and lights

star string lights window decor

Do not forget the decoration for the windows – what can be more festive than lights? If you are going to decorate a large window or windows with complex shapes such as bay windows you can to combine string lights and garlands in silver or gold and you will have a great shimmering panel. For smaller and deeper windows use string lights with bulbs shapes as balls, snowflakes or stars. You can combine lights with natural materials like spruce branches, imitation of frost patterns on the glass and artificial snow. Do not forget the window sill – arrange candles in jars, garlands, glittering confetti, glass bowls full of sparkling tree ornaments, etc.

table decorations punch bowl ceiling decorations

New Year’s Eve wall decorations – use the walls to add to the festive atmosphere. Get some banners, arrange balloons, you can even get some festive wall decals.

decorations ideas golden table decor

Glamorous in gold and silver or discreet in neutral colors, creative and chic or elegant and beautiful – you have the choice. Let yourself be inspired by these example and use these creative ideas for New Years Eve decorations s to create an unforgettable atmosphere and enjoy a great New Year’s Eve party!


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