Nifty Tips to Liven up Your Bathroom

by Kremy

bathroom furnitre set

It seems that lately many people are buying into the trend of creating a calming, spa-like atmosphere in their bathrooms, and this seems to coordinate well with a minimalist approach to design. Bathroom fixtures such as tubs, showers and sinks are becoming available in unique styles and shapes, which makes it much easier to maximize space in small or oddly-shaped rooms. Lighting is evolving as well, as people place more importance on not only the function of bathroom lighting, but also on the mood and atmosphere it creates. Although bathrooms have long been in the realm of traditional design, lately they have come into some trendy new styles. So what are some of the hottest new trends in bathroom design?

  • green, eco-friendly materials such as wood and stone
  • bold-coloured ceilings to add a feeling of warmth
  • using black for tiles or fixtures

tips to liven up your bathroom furniture ideas


The wide range of design elements available now can make it tough to narrow down your choices. Here are some tips to liven up your bathroom and a few quick do’s and don’ts to simplify things:

 For a small bathroom:


  • clutter it up with a lot of small accessories
  • over-use bold colours; it makes spaces look smaller
  • use heavy or large fixtures


  • Make use of mirrors or mirrored tile
  • use sleek, streamlined fixtures
  • opt for solid colours instead of intricate patterns

If you’re lucky enough to have a big bathroom;


  • use colours that are very pale or neutral
  • choose small fixtures
  • use fixtures that are too cold or industrial


  • select pieces that have ornamentation and prominent features
  • paint the ceiling a warm bold shade to create a feeling of cosiness
  • make use of fabric and texture to fill up the space

Whether your bathroom is big or small, there is a huge range of options available in today’s market for various bathroom fixtures and furniture, enabling you to create the mood and atmosphere exactly the way you want your bathroom to evoke. A sparkling chandelier, muted pastel walls and an ornate clawfoot tub will give you a Victorian feel, whereas a ground-level marble tub, a rich wood sink cabinet, and a rainfall shower head will create that tranquil spa atmosphere that is so sought after. Some flowing green plants and earth-toned floor tile will contribute to the earthy feel.

wall mounted cabinet

It has become quite commonplace to use furniture in the bathroom that was not intentionally designed for that purpose. A glossy cabinet with a pedestal bowl can make a stunning sink vanity, while a delicate slipper chair can be the perfect accent in a romantic Victorian bathroom.

Lighting can make all the difference too; imagine a velvet shade with silky fringe, or a rustic wall lamp with a base made of natural wood. A metallic ceiling fixture with glittering facets can add a touch of glamour to a super-modern bathroom.

When it comes to showers and tubs, the options are varied, too. Rainfall shower heads have become extremely popular, and many are surprisingly water-efficient. A wide shallow tub in a crystalline shade of blue can give your bathroom the feel of your own luxury oasis.

Above all, follow your own tastes, decide what you want your bathroom to be, and let your creative juices flow!

tips to liven up your bathroom furniture ideas


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