How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry? – 5 Clever Hacks that ACTUALLY Work!

by Stephanie Yankova

When you have a small kitchen, space optimization, and organization hacks are essential! You need to make room for your food, cutlery, dishes, cleaning products, and other things you don’t use daily. The question in place is – where would you store all these things if you don’t have a pantry? I’ve got just the hacks for you! With just a few tools and a little bit of creativity, you can bring order into your cooking space! Scroll on to learn super easy DIY tips that will help you organize a small kitchen without a pantry in no time!

What is the Best Way to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry?

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It’s no secret that organizing a small kitchen is a big challenge! If you don’t find a way to utilize the little space you have, cooking can quickly become a true nightmare. Don’t feel discouraged! I have plenty of useful first-hand tips that will turn your small kitchen into your little haven. Without further ado, let’s dive into some space-saving hacks you can implement into your kitchen today!

Make the Most of Your Vertical Space

pegboard panel vertical wall storage oragnizing hacks small kitchen without a pantry


When you don’t have a lot of cupboard space, the walls become your best friends! A really great hack I stumbled upon a while ago is to use a pegboard panel for storing pans and cutlery. All you need is a pack of metal hooks and you can hang pretty much everything on there. You can even get small perforated stainless steel boxes to hang on the panel for things that you can’t put on a hook.

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Switch Your Top Cabinets for Open Shelving

open shelves small kitchen storage ideas no pantry organization tips

It may look like something that’s going to make a big difference storage-wise, but the open shelving is a game-changer. Let me tell you what’s the psychological effect behind it. With cupboards, we have a case of “if I don’t see it. it doesn’t exist”. Meaning that we tend to shove in there things that we barely use, we over-clutter, yet we don’t take any steps towards changing that. This is because once the doors of the cabinets get closed, everything that stays behind them no longer exists for us. With open shelving, the hoarding habit goes out the window! Once you have all your stuff on display you feel more inclined to keep them in order. You can even buy glass containers in different sizes and create your own organization system!

Add More Counter Space with a Portable Kitchen Island

portable drop leaf kitchen island extra countertop space

As someone who has a really small kitchen, one of the biggest hassles I have is the lack of countertop space. Once I place my juicer, kettle and coffee machine on top of it, I’m barely left with enough space for a bowl and a chopping board! The solution? A portable kitchen island! The best part about it is that it doesn’t only double your counter space, it also has drawers! It has wheels, so you can move it literally anywhere! You can even use it as a bar in the living room (or dining room if you have one)! I’ve found that the most useful portable kitchen islands are the drop-leaf ones. They are quite slim which makes them easy to store and move around. Another great function – if you don’t have a dining spot you can just pop up the foldable part, add two bar stools and voila!

Choose Collapsible Kitchenware

collapsible kitchenware small kitchen storage ideas organization tips

Collapsible kitchenware is a bit unconventional. However, it is a great way to save space in a small kitchen. A lot of companies are developing more and more foldable and collapsible items. Everything from pots and pans to colanders, measuring cups and more! If there are any items that you feel are too big for your space, I suggest you check if there is a more compact version you can get instead!

Decanting and Removing Bulky Packages

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Bringing order to your kitchen cabinets is an art form in itself. I’m constantly taking things out and putting new ones in daily, which makes it difficult for me to keep it tidy. That was until one of my landlords explained to me the process of decanting! You basically remove all dried foods and spices from their original packaging and store them in glass containers. I guarantee that you’ll be surprised by the effectiveness of this method! What’s also great about it is that the clear glass makes it super easy to track if you’re running low on any of your products.

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