Wolf Cut for Women Over 50: Look 10 Years Younger with These 10 Hairstyles!

by Kristiyana

A woman in her 50s is strong and confident, and knows exactly what is good for her. By the age of fifty, you’ve done many things in your life that you can be proud of, and you deserve to be celebrated for that. A lot of people claim that 50 is the new 30, and we at Deavtita.net couldn’t agree more! Gone are the days when reaching 50 meant slowing down, and putting in efforts to “look your age”. No, no. If you are burning with life, and love to experiment with your looks, let’s celebrate your youthful and free-spirited personality with 10 stylish wolf cut for women over 50 hairstyles that will add even more spice to your lifestyle!

Stylish & Youthful Wolf Cut for Women Over 50 Hairstyles

classic wolf cut for women over 50

Some of you might be asking, but what is the wolf cut hairstyle? A wolf cut is a combination of two popular haircuts – the mullet and shag. This hairstyle is all about shaggy, disconnected layers mixed with different styles of bangs in various lengths. The wolf cut can be short, mid-length or long – it all depends on your preferences. What you get out of this haircut is that your hair will have more volume at the crown and movement through its shaggy layers. Thanks to this stylish cut, any woman over 50 can look younger and modern. So how can you not try it?

Who Should Not Get Wolf Cut?

Everyone can look good when wearing this haircut! The wolf cut sits well with any face shape. When it comes to hair texture, this hairstyle can help women with fine hair create the illusion of volume and movement, while for thick hair it can get rid of unnecessary hair bulk.

Mid-length Wolf Cut for Women Over 50

medium length wolf cut with fringe for mature ladies


Did I convince you to try the trendy wolf cut for yourself? Alright! Up first, we have a stylish mid-length shaggy wolf cut with a fringe that would sit amazingly on a woman in her 50s. It’s an edgy hairstyle that you will unlikely get bored of! Make sure you use a texturing spray to really show off the beauty of your shaggy layers. A product to hold your hair in place is also advisable.

Layered Wolf Cut for Long Hair in Your 50s

wolf haircut girl long hair over 50

Want to keep your long lengths in your 50s? Long hair can make you look younger if styled and maintained properly. A layered wolf cut with a fringe that extends into face-framing pieces will add extra texture to your hair. Use a finishing hairspray to prevent frizz and deal with flyaways.

Short Blonde Wolf Cut for Women Over 50

wolf cut hair female over 50

Prefer to try a cute short hairstyle for a woman over 50 that is easy to maintain? The wolf cut itself does not require too much styling and maintenance, but with a short wolf cut you will have it even easier. Try dyeing your hair in a trendy champagne blonde hair colour to make your wolf cut even more eye-catching!

Shaggy Mullet Wolf Cut for Women with Glasses

wolf cut hair for older women with glasses

Wondering which hairstyle with glasses to choose for women over 50? Try this stunning side part shaggy mullet wolf cut on dark hair with red lowlights. This haircut will immediately make you look younger and will bring out the texture of your edgy layers. Plus, it’s suitable for all hair types, straight and curly alike.

More Stylish & Youthful Wolf Cut for Women Over 50 Hairstyles

silver wolf cut with blue highlights

Textured wolf cut for women over 50

textured wolf cut for older ladies

Shaggy wolf cut with flicked out layers

can older women wear a wolf cut

Long shaggy wolf cut with bangs

long wolf cut for women over 50 with fine hair

Ultra short wolf cut for older ladies

shaggy short wolfcut for older women

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