The 3 Outdated Fall Jackets & 7 Must-Haves According to Fashion Designers

by Kristiyana
What jackets are in style fall 2023? Which aren’t? What fashion designers have to say about the outdated fall jackets trends for 2023 and those that are currently having their moment.

Which Are the Outdated Fall Jackets for 2023?

outdated fall jackets 2023

Fall 2023 comes to us reassuring the comeback of the classic trench coat look, as well as other stylish forms of outwear, whether we were expecting them or not. However, there are such that fashion designers say we need to say goodbye to, for better or worse. I mean, every true fashionista should keep up with the current trends and know what’s considered trendy, and what not. And to go into depth with this topic, which are the outdated fall jackets trends for 2023? Find out now.

The Denim Jacket Should Be Left in the Past

denim jackets are outdated for fall 2023


I am especially sorry to be writing this, as I myself can’t picture my life without my oversized vintage denim jacket that I got for a great deal at a thrift store 2 years ago, but this fall outwear is just not as trendy any more. A new wave of blazers, bombers and racer jackets has taken the streets, leaving the classic denim jacket in the past. For now, at least.

Instead, Consider a Tweed One

outwear trends 2023 tweed jackets for fall

But which type of fall jacket should you consider instead? Opt for tweed! An essential item from your quiet luxury capsule wardrobe for fall 2023, you can pair a tweed jacket with a variety of different items. Wear it with a casual tee, wide-leg jeans and loafers for a quick, easy and cool outfit.

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Say Goodbye to Shapeless Jackets & Coats

shapeless jackets and coats are outdated

During the last few years, thanks to the pandemic, we saw a big rise in oversized clothing of any type. Some are still trending today, but isn’t it high time we left those shapeless jackets and oversized coats in the past? Why not focus on something that sits more flattering on your body shape? Something likee…

and Hello to Unique Racer Bomber Jackets

racer bomber jackets fall trend 2023


racer bomber jackets! This jacket is the new deal when it comes to trending fall 2023 outwear. The model is again a bit oversized, but the iconic silhouette and colours of the racer bomber jacket will definitely set you apart from standard black leather and gray coats this season.

Outdated Fall Jackets 2023: The Utility Jacket

are utility jackets in style 2023

Are utility jackets in style 2023? Sorry to be writing this girls, but the utility jacket is just not in the spotlight any more. While you don’t need to be giving it up entirely this season, there are just so many other models that have been chosen as fall 2023’s biggest trends. Apart from tweed and racer bomber jackets, here are some more types of fall outwear that you must have this season:

The Fall 2023 Jackets You Must Have

leather coats for fall 2023 trends

Faux leather in bright & vibrant colours

fall jacket trends 2023 faux leather in bright colours

Leather biker jackets for fall trends 2023

wear biker jackets for fall 2023

Hailey Bieber’s tailored blazer jacket as your inspiration

fall jacket trends 2023 hailey bieber style

Jackets & coats in warm colours for fall 2023

jackets and coats in warm colours for fall 2023

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