Pedestal sink ideas – add a stylish accent in your bathroom design

by Kremy

bathroom design freestanding bathtub modern sink design sinks with pedestal

A pedestal sink can be the focal point of the bathroom. The sink is an important element of the interior of every bathroom not only for its functions but for the significant decorative value. A pedestal type of sink successfully combines several features – it is convenient to use, looks impressive and in small bathrooms it saves precious space.

small white bathroom ceramic pedestal sink wall mirror green frame


Pedestal sinks can be installed in large bathrooms and there is no need to worry about space availability. Large space allows the homeowner or the designer to focus on designs which are impressive and will immediately attract the attention with exquisite forms. In small bathrooms, however, pedestals sinks allow flexible use of space and can be a decoration too. Nowadays designs come in a wide variety of styles and materials. The most common pedestal design for a sink is the iconic white porcelain sink. Of course nowadays you can find rounded versions of the traditional rectangular shape or creative and artistic designs which strike with creativity.

modern pedestal sink design contemporary bathroom furniture

A pedestal type of sink is space saving and leave space for other bathroom accessories while large vanities might give an impression of clutter. Elegance and attractive appearance is another advantage of these sinks. They give you the option to show all the elements of the interior, like beautiful flooring or wall tiles, instead of hiding them. On the other hand, if you look at the cons, you might say that they are not very practical as there is no counter space. If you wished to remove a pedestal type of sink, it is very likely that you will have serious marks on the floor and wall as a consequence of the installation. It is up to the homeowner to decide how his bathroom will look and we have collected some examples to show you the elegant beauty of traditional and modern pedestal sinks.


white bathroom cork flooring pedestal sinks mirror cabinets

bathroom furniture ideas traditional white ceramic pedestal sinks

traditional bathroom white rounded pedestal sink mirror cabinets bath tub

classic elegant white pedestal sink small bathroom ideas

small bathroom design ideas elegant pedestal sink wall sconces

modern bathroom furniture design mirror pedestal sink storage shelves

corner pedestal sink small bathroom design ideas

cool modern pedestal sinks design ideas bathroom furniture

creative bathroom design ideas pedestal sink wall mirror decorative tiles

elegant bathroom sink pedestal wall mirror

Traditional bathroom sink pedestal vanity cabinets

long narrow bathroom with classic pedestal sinks

creative small bathrooms solutions corner pedestal sink modern faucet

Contemporary kids bathroom design cool green pedestal sink

modern bathroom furniture pedestal sinks elegant curved lines

modern bathroom furniture modern pedestal sink mirror cabinet

beautiful stylish modern pedestal sink design ideas wall mirrors

bathroom mosaic tiles modern sink neon lighting walk in shower

Bathroom ideas rustic wooden wall pedestal sink round wall mirror

Bathroom design pedestal sink freestanding bath tub

pedestal sink modern bathroom furniture design ideas

natural stone bathroom sink modern bathroom furniture design


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