Which Is the Perfect French Tip Nail Art for Short Nails? 20+ Designs to Put You in the Spotlight

by Kristiyana

French tip nails are a timeless manicure, that every woman has to try at least once in her life. This simple, yet very elegant design adds just the right amount of style to your nails, depending on what kind of look you are going for. Not only that, but the manicure is suitable for every nail length, be at that long, medium, or short. But which is the perfect French tip nail art for short nails? Find 20+ designs featuring classic, abstract, simple, colourful, with rhinestones and glitter nails perfect for the likes of anyone!

Which Is the Perfect French Tip Nail Art for Short Nails?

ombre short french tip nails

When you are wondering which would be the perfect short French tips nail design for you, there are many stunning ideas out there to choose from. Sure, you can always go with the classic white French tips, but why not spice things up a bit and give a chance to something more colourful or even abstract? The French ombre nail design as shown in the image above is also great for shorter nails, as it creates the illusion of a longer length due to the absence of sharp white edges. But there are many more other amazing designs to pick from. See for yourself!

Classic White French Tips for Short Nails

classic french tip nail design for short nails


You can never go wrong with the classics! There is a reason the white French tips design never goes out of style – because it always looks good, no matter the nail length or shape. Pick this one if you want something elegant fit for everyday wear and for fancier occasions as well.

Short Nails in a Classy & Sparkly French Manicure

perfect sparkly short french tip manicure

Which would be the perfect French tip nail art for short nails for someone who enjoys making heads turn? Try this beautiful classy and shimmery silver short French mani! You will certainly catch the attention of many with this design.

Cool Cow Print French Nail Art for Short Nails

 animal print short french tips

Want to try something a bit more bold and chic with your short nails? Then I think you would really get a lot out of this cool cow print French manicure. Be sure that possibly no one will be wearing the same nail art as you. Completely unique.

Half-baby Blue, Half-bubblegum Pink French Nails

multicoloured short french tip nails

Why go with one colour for your next manicure when you can have two? These half-baby blue, have-bubblegum pink short French tip nails would be the perfect manicure to wear in summer. The two colours create a girly nail design, but keep the base neutral to leave the focus on the tips.

The Perfect French Tip Nail Art for Short Nails with Diamonds

short french tip nails with diamonds

Which French tips manicure with diamonds would be perfect for your short nails? I think you can’t go wrong with this amazing square-shaped classic white French mani with sparkly butterfly diamonds. Super girly and makes you think of the early 2000s.

More of the Perfect French Tip Nail Art for Short Nails Designs

perfect short french manicure

Barbie pink short French nail art

pink short french tip nail art with flowers

Beautiful shades of blue French mani

shades of blue french tip nail art for short nails

Y2K short black French tips nail design

short black french tip manicure

Multicoloured abstract French tip spots nails

abstract short french tip nails

Classy baby blue French tips design

perfect classy short french nails

Short blue French tip manicure idea

short french tip nails with design

Tortoiseshell-patterned French tips nail art

 short french tip nails with animal print

Short French tips in neon yellow colour

neon short french tip nails

Square lavender short French tips

lavender short french tip nails

Abstract white French tip flames manicure

perfect white french tip nails with flames

Summery watermelon-inspired French nails

the perfect french tip nail art for short nails

Classic white French mani with gold glitter

perfect short french tip nails with glitter

The perfect colourful short French tips

perfect french tip nail art for short nails

White French tips with flower nail art

short french manicure with flower nail art

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