8 Fabulous Black and White French Nails Designs for This Season!

by Radost P.

What are the trends for 2023 when it comes to black and white French nails? Which nail shape is the best for this manicure?

Stylish & Elegant Black and White French Nails for Fall Season 2023!

black and white french nail designs

The truth is, French manicure will never go out of style since it provides a design option for every taste and preference. You can get creative and choose among different nail polish colors, as long as the overall result looks clean and fashionable. So, let’s see what is popular and attractive, according to the pros!

Nails With Black French Tips

black tips


This simple and classic design is suitable for all occasions, no matter where you go. It shows that you are a sophisticated woman who has high standards and knows what is trending now. The best thing is that you can match this manicure with all your favorite clothes.

Balanced Design With Glitter

balanced design with glitter

Create a sense of variety by adding some glitter to your nails. Not all of them should have the same design – you could experiment until you find your perfect black and white French nails design. 

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Subtle & Shining French Manicure

subtle and shining french manicure

Want to look modern and classy at the same time? If so, this French manicure with subtle black tips is the right choice for you. It is great for official events, like birthday or engagement parties. Add your favorite accessory and you will definitely attract attention!

Zebra Nails

zebra tips

This is a stylish design that is perfect for someone who values simplicity and minimalism. With the new season coming, zebra nails are the perfect excuse to make some changes in your appearance.

Crossed Design

crossed design

A basic crossed design is great for colors like white and black, since they create a contrast that instantly attracts others to you.

White Tiger Print

white tiger print

White tiger print is for the bold ones who also love the zebra manicure. If you want to differentiate yourself from others, you should definitely see how these patterns look on your nails!

White Stripes

white stripes

Here is a more unusual alternative to the typical black and white French manicure. Why not use your imagination to experiment with different patterns and stripes?

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Yin Yang Nails

yin yang nails

This is an adorable manicure that looks so pretty, thanks to the small white dots. It is true that sometimes simple is better than sophisticated, as long as you use the right colors and forms.

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