Find The Top 5 Pool Hairstyle Ideas and How to Adapt Them in Summer 2023!

by Gabby

I’m sure many of you spend sunny summer days around the ocean, sea or pool. I love swimming and feel free in the water. But I do have one problem I have to deal with afterwards… And that is my horribly tangled hair! That’s right! I know you’ve experienced it on your own! That’s why, it is very important to understand what are the right hairstyles to not only protect your hair but also to look stylish. What are the best pool hairstyle ideas for Summer 2023? Find out now!

Pool Hairstyle Ideas: Protect Your Hair, While Looking Fab in Summer 2023!

pool hairstyle ideas summer 2023 trends bun

Imagine this: You are at the pool, wearing your new favorite swimsuit and trendy shades, sipping on some margarita, and you dip your legs in the pool. Mmm… The feeling is incredible! But now, we have to think about your hairstyle as well! We all want to look absolutely fab, but sometimes, it’s hard when there’s water involved. Check out what are the best hairstyles for a day at the pool!

What Is The Best Hairstyle for Swimming?

You know that pool water can not only damage your hair because of the chlorine, but it can also tangle it a lot, and that can cause hair breakage. To prevent this, the tip is when swimming to put your hair in a bun or in a different type of braid. These are the best hairstyles for the occasion that will make things easier afterwards and your hair won’t be tangled. There are many different braids that you can choose from, and we are going to present some of the best for this season!

best hairstyle for swimming pool ideas trends summer 2023 braids


Scarf Bun Wrap for Summer 2023

bandana bun wrap summer 2023 pool hairstyle trends

This is one of the easiest hairstyles that is suitable for a day at the pool. You can grab a mini scarf and tie it up to your bun. If it is possible, you can even match it to your swimsuit and make it even more fashionable. First, you have to do a regular bun and then wrap your scarf around it.

Pool Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair: Boxer Braids Tutorial

Is there anyone that is not familiar with the boxer braids? They seem like something very complicated at first, but trust me, this 3 minutes tutorial will show you otherwise. You can quickly make two of these braids that will protect your hair from the pool water, and keep it in place. The other good thing about braiding your hair when going to the pool is that your hair will be in place no matter what.

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Braided Double Buns Hairstyle

braided double buns pool hairstyle trends summer 2023

Are you wondering what’s the cutest Summer hairstyle 2023? I think the double braided buns will always be on top of the category. Here’s how to make them:

  • Separate your hair in two sections with a comb.
  • Grab two hair ties and make two ponytails at the top of your head.
  • Then, braid the two ponytails however you like. The classic braids will be perfect for that!
  • Start twisting them and creating buns as shown on the photo! You can let your imagination run wild and put some decorations as pins, pearls, rhinestones, or even wrap them up in scarfs.

Bubble Braids Summer Hairstyles 2023

bubble braids hairstyle summer trends 2023 pool

Bubble braids have become very popular recently and they are also one of the best hairdos that you can adapt when going to the pool. They are super cute for a pool party, or just for a chill relaxing day. How to create them? Keep in mind that you are going to need multiple mini rubber hair ties.

  • Start by separating the hair in two parts. Comb your hair gently and make it as even as possible.
  • Determine where do you want your braids to start and take a small section (creating a triangle, just like for a French or Boxer braid). Then tie this section up with your mini rubber hair tie. Clip it out of the way.
  • Grab the next section and repeat the same.
  • Now take the first ponytail that you made and separate in two parts. Put one of them in between the second ponytail and tie them up together. Keep repeating the same, with the rest of the hair.
  • Now do the same with the other section of your hair.
  • If you want bigger bubbles, you can make them looser with your hands.

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French Braids Tutorial

how to make french braids tutorial easy pool hairstyle ideas 2023

French braids are also one of the easiest hairstyles to do! They are simple as the classic braid, but they look gorgous for the Summer. You can adapt them for any occasion and they look amazing on everyone.

  • Start from the top of your hair as you can see on the first photo.
  • Separate a part of your hair in three sections and start braiding a classic braid.
  • The tricky part is that when you do so, you have to start grabbing different pieces of hair (as shown on the photo).
  • The finished result should be as what you see down below. Tie your braid with a hair tie, or if you want something a little bit more fashionable, you can use a mini scarf!

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