Prefab granite countertops – save money and time on kitchen remodel

by Kremy

prefabricated granite remodel contemporary kitchen ideas

What exactly are prefab granite countertops and are they a better option than custom made ones? It is an easy question and has an easy answer.

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A prefabricated granite countertop are produced and offered ready to be installed. The slabs are cut, and the edge detail is already finished. Prefabricated granite countertops are especially suitable for multiple unit projects as condos, hotel rooms, apartments, small kitchens, etc.

Prefab granite countertops – great appearance for less money


prefab granite remodel ideas kitchen island countertops

Prefab granite countertops cost considerably less than custom made ones. One of the main reasons for the lower price is the fact that the slabs get a finish at a factory which reduces or even eliminates the need of customization at a custom shop.

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Prefabricated granite countertops have the same great look as custom made as they are made from the same granite material as any custom made countertop.

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Prefabricated countertops are a very economical and cost effective option as the most popular colors are available and the perfect solution for budget-conscious home­owners.

 Is there a difference between custom and prefab granite countertops?

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It is a fact that many people ask themselves if there is a difference between custom and prefab granite countertops. Unless you are an expert you would hardly notice any difference.

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The durability of natural stone is one of the top reasons why people opt for granite countertops. Prefabricated have the same qualities as custom made ones.

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They look stylish and are the perfect addition to any kitchen. In addition prefab countertops blend very well with both contemporary and traditional styles.

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You can be sure that your prefab countertop will have the same unique and elegant look as well as the durability of custom made countertops. After all they are also made of natural stone, they will not lose their quality with time and will add value to your property. Check out the magnificent Venetian gold granite countrtop ideas.

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Prefab granite interior design cheap ideas

Prefab granite cheap renovation ideas

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