The Most Suitable & Pretty Toe Nail Colors for Your Skin Tone

by Kristiyana

What pretty toe nail colors suit every skin tone? Which are best for light skin tones? What about darker ones?

pretty toe nail colors for every skin tone

Summer might be a little far away, but the warm and beautiful season of spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means, don’t you? The time has come to finally awake from your winter slumber, and celebrate with a fabulous new pedicure! While some women don’t let the cold stop them from showing off their pretty painted toe nails, a lot of us get manicures all year round, but leave the pedicures for the bright sun-shining days. Prepare for your next pedi appointment by looking through our gallery of the most pretty toe nails colors that will suit your skin tone!

The Most Suitable & Pretty Toe Nail Colors for Your Skin Tone

toe nail color chart for every skin tone free to download

When it comes to flattering toe and hand nail polish colors, the latest trends are not the only base of knowledge you should be aware of. Just because everybody is getting, let’s say, pastel purple pedicures, doesn’t mean that this shade will suit you. And even worse. It can create an unpleasant contrast with your skin, making it look flat and dull. And we don’t want that now, do we? Luckily for you,’s editors have assembled a list of pretty toe nail colors that can suit every skin tone, and other more specific to your skin’s features.

Likewise, for further confirmation, consult with the toe nails colors chart above, which is free to download and easy to access.

Pretty Toe Nail Colors That Suit Every Skin Tone

pretty nude pink pedicure color that suits everybody

According to a guide created by Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup 100% PURE, nude shades of nail polish are one of the best choices when it comes to pretty toe nail colors that can suit every skin tone.

nude peach pedicure for every skin tone

Nudes that lean slightly towards pink or peachy can be a good pedicure choice for both light, medium or dark skin.

taupe toe nails for every skin tone

Another all-time flattering toe nail color is taupe. Taupe shades with a balance of warm and cool undertones is a safe bet when you are in the search of a suitable pedicure color for your skin type.

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Blue or cool tone red toe nail colors for fair skin to create a beautiful contrast

pretty toe nail colors for light skin

White pedicure for a classy look for a lighter skin tone

white pedicure for light skin tone

Light or dark blue is a great toe nail color for medium skin tones

pretty light blue colored toe nails for medium skin tone

Orange is not for everyone but will suit a medium or olive skin tone

orange toe nails for medium skin tone

Dark and deep skin tones are complemented by deep reds

pretty deep red toe nails for dark skin tone

Deep plums and burgundies look great on darker skin tones 

pretty toe nail colors for dark skin

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