How to Effectively Remove & Prevent Sunscreen Stains on Clothes?

by Kristiyana

Why does my sunscreen stain my clothes? Are there guaranteed ways to clean them after? All you need to know about how to remove and prevent sunscreen stains on clothes. 

How to Remove & Prevent Sunscreen Stains on Clothes?

prevent sunscreen stains on clothes how to remove yellow sunscreen stains from white clothes

It’s finally summer, and you get to enjoy that long-awaited vacation by the beach that you have been saving your money and off days for since last year. Sky-blue waves, tropical cocktails, clear yellow sand, and that sweet sweet smell of sunscreen lotion on your skin. Just thinking about it takes you back in time to every great summer experience you’ve had, but also reminds you of something not so pleasant – sunscreen stains on your favourite clothes! How can we remove them? Can we prevent them in the hot days to come?

Why Does Sunscreen Stain Our Clothes?

You might be curious to wonder how does this creamy-white paste actually stain your clothes, and you would be right to ask this question. I mean, it easily dissolves in water, so why does it leave such an unpleasant mark on your beloved white crop top? This is due to the oils that most sunscreen lotions contain. The ingredient avobenzone that is found in almost any sun protectant can cause your clothes to get yellow or orange stains. Avobenzone combined with water can leave a rusty brown stain on your clothes. Pretty unpleasant, but how to remove them after?

How to Remove Yellow Sunscreen Stains from White Clothes?

how to remove yellow sunscreen stains from white clothes how to remove old sunscreen stains from white clothes


If you are seeking for a quick fix and don’t mind spending a few bucks on a sunscreen lotion remover, you can try with HG’s suntan lotion stain remover. On the other hand, if you are looking for a homemade remedy against sunscreen stains on clothes that guarantees getting them back in shape, here are a few things you can try:

Removing Yellow Sun Lotion Stains with Soft Household Soap

The first tip for removing yellow sunscreen stains from white clothes, would be to apply a soft household soap with hot water to the stain. After, leave it to absorb for a few hours. Comeback and gently scrub the stain with your hands, or a soft brush or toothbrush. Wash the item once, or twice if needed, after.

Using a Washing-up-liquid or Shampoo to Get Rid of a Stain

How to remove sunscreen stains from clothes? Try with a washing-up liquid or a shampoo! Such a remedy is great for removing grease, and as sunscreen lotions are oil-based, it can help you out when dealing with troublesome yellow tints. Take the liquid and dab it onto the sun lotion stain. Leave it to absorb for a while, then wash your garment in the washing machine.

How to Remove Sunscreen Stains with Dishwasher Rinse Aid?

Did you know that you can remove yellow sunscreen stains with a dishwasher rinse aid? Let’s give it a try, shall we? Apply some of the product to the stained clothing item and leave it to absorb for a night. After, put the garment in the washing machine and wash as usual.

How to Remove Old Sunscreen Stains from Clothes?

What happens in a situation when you want to remove an old sunscreen stain from a clothing item? Is it even possible? It sure is! A guaranteed method to do this is to apply a prewash stain remover with a soft brush/toothbrush into the old stain. Leave the product to soak in for no more than 15 minutes, then put the garment for washing. Be sure to check if the stain has been removed before leaving your clothing item to dry.

Tips to Prevent Sunscreen Stains on Clothes in the Future

how to prevent sunscreen stains on clothes why does my sunscreen stain my clothes

The most important point of all – how to prevent sunscreen stains on clothes in the future? While it can be difficult to avoid them altogether, here are a few tips you can try for protecting your clothes from sunscreen stains:

  • Be sure to apply sunscreen before you are dressed and let it fully dry. Not doing so can result in a stain.
  • Search for sunscreen products that do not contain avobenzone a.k.a. the ingredient that stains your clothes.
  • If a stain occurs, get rid of all excess residue before washing it in water. Or send your sunscreen-stained clothes to the dry cleaners.

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