Remove Water Stains: Here’s how to remove them from almost any surface!

by Snezhana Besarabova

We all admire the sparkling glass doors and fantastic smooth wooden tables in the TV ads. And wish this ideal world of purity from our daydreams to come true. Is it possible to reach the ads’ perfection in your home? In this regard, it’s helpful to know that a lot of stains on glass, wood and fabrics come from the water we use. Because it contains minerals, which form these traces on the surfaces. We know you would like to get rid of all these stains. And that’s exactly the topic of our article today – to show you fast and reliable ways of removing stains from clothes, wooden furniture, glass doors and windows.

How to remove water stains from glass doors and windows?

how to remove water stains from glass spots from minerals like calcium

These stains are caused by the existence of minerals like calcium and magnesium in water. They build up on the surfaces, and are more visual on places that are in constant contact with water, like your shower cabin glass or the window on your bathroom door. There is a range of possibilities on how to remove water stains from glass easily that we’ll share with you.

Vinegar or lemon juice to remove hard water stains

remove water stains with water and distilled white vinegar


White distilled vinegar is ideal for removing hard and old water traces.

  • 50 % vinegar with 50 % water: This solution is a good option when the stains are light and not very old. When the water traces are tough, you should use a higher concentration of vinegar: 70-80 % vinegar with 50 % water

remove water stains with one to one solution of water with vinegar

It’s important not to spray vinegar-water solution onto the glass, but on the cloth or the towel, with which you clean. Then scrub the glass door or the window with the wet towel. Make sure that the surface you are cleaning is covered with the mixture, and let it soak for a while. After that, remove the solution with a squeegee or towel and wipe off with paper or dry towel. Avoid leaving the vinegar-water solution to dry on the glass, otherwise it’ll make stains.

  • 50 % lemon juice with 50 % water: Take one lemon, roll it on the countertop and squeeze it. Pour the juice into a spray bottle with water. Then wipe your windows or glass doors.

Lemon and orange essential oils to remove hard water stains

how to remove water stains from glass with water and vinegar solution

Essential oils are also a perfect cleaner. They should be used in very little concentrations.

  • 5-6 drops lemon or orange oil in 1 cup (250 ml) of water: Stir the solution and apply to the glass surface with a sponge. Allow to soak and wipe the stains away.

Abrasive cleaner as hard water stain remover

how to remove water stains from glass the best solution

If you wish, you may buy a powder or liquid abrasive cleaner. Read the instructions and follow them. You may finish the process of removing the water stains with an ordinary glass cleaner.

How to remove water stains from wood

how to remove water stains from wood white stains on the surface

Wood is vulnerable to water and can change color or shape in the presence of moisture. Water stains appear when your wooden table, or other surface from this natural material, is in contact with water for longer time. When you see white-colored rings or spots, that means that the moisture has only dampened the finish. When the stains are already dark, the water has penetrated in depth, and you should refinish or consult with a specialist. Here we give you a reliable method how to remove water stains from lacquered wood surfaces of your furniture.

With clothing iron

how to remove water stains from wood with hot iron and a towel

The iron should be prepared before cleaning. Empty the water from the iron tank and follow the next steps:

  • Place a piece of cotton towel, napkin or old shirt over the stain on the wood surface. The fabric should be without any prints or decals.
  • Turn the iron to the lowest heat and apply it over the fabric. Let the iron stay on the stain for 2–3 seconds only. Then remove the cloth to see if the water stains are there or not. If they are still visible, repeat the procedure until, hopefully, they diminish.

You can use a hair dryer with the same result. Move it back and forth over the stain for about 10 minutes until the stain disappears.

How to remove water stains from fabric

 kid spills water and cleans the floor

Imagine your child spills water and splashes on the curtains. What a mess! Would a stain remain? Instead of wondering, react immediately and make sure you’ll keep your interior clean with the methods described below.

Removing water stains from clothes

how to remove water stains from fabric washing the clothes with stain remover

Here is the next tip on the best way to remove the stains from clothes. You may follow the following simple solution: treat every problematic spot on the fabric directly with a bit of laundry stain remover. Then just wash them as usual.

Cleaning the water spots from upholstery

how to remove water stains from fabric with a sponge and vinegar solution

We have explored for you the following method. Please, follow the instructions:

  1. Mix 1 1/2 cups (350 g) distilled white vinegar and 2 cups (500 ml) distilled water in a bowl.
  2. First test on a hidden spot of your upholstery. Blot the stained area until it’s damp.
  3. Then place a stack of paper towels with several layers on the dampened upholstery and weigh them with some books.
  4. Change the towels, if needed.
  5. Finish with hair dryer set on 2 in (5 cm) above the fabric and move from side to side, until it’s dry.

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