Rice with Milk Dessert: What is the Key of Preparing this Healthy Delicacy for Children and Adults?

by Snezhana Besarabova

This light, delightful and healthy dessert is enjoyed in many cultures, and cooked with some modifications all around the world. There is a good reason for this, as milk brings calcium, protein, vitamins D, and B for your bones and muscles, while rice provides energy, fiber, and cinnamon is a precious antioxidant. What’s the secret of preparing the recipe, to look and taste perfect, decorating your table? What are the ingredients to use of the basic recipe?

How to Make Rice with Milk Dessert?

While milk with rice dessert contains sugar for sweetness, you have control over the amount of sugar you add. It’s a good idea to use this ingredient in moderation or explore healthier sweetening options like honey, maple syrup, or stevia.

rice with milk dessert light meal

What to add?

  • 1 tsp rice
  • 750 ml fresh milk
  • 350 ml water
  • sugar or a natural sweetener to taste
  • cinnamon for sprinkling (optional)

rice with milk dessert rich in carbohydrates and proteins


How to make it?

  1. Place all the ingredients in the crockpot and stir well.
  2. Close the crockpot and the valve.
  3. Start the RICE program (10 minutes).
  4. If your cooker has the option to reduce the time, it’s better to set it on 8 minutes.

When the program is finished, don’t rush to open the pot immediately, but let it sit closed for at least another 15–20 minutes. As if you open the valve immediately, you risk the milk to boil through it because of the vacuum pressure. Once you’ve opened the cooker, pour the dessert into bowls. Finally, if you like cinnamon, sprinkle it on abundantly, making your favorite drawings like sun, flowers and so on. Serve after it has cooled.

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