Rustic picture frames – lovely accents in the rustic decor

by Kremy

rustic picture frames ideas DIY craft ideas

Rustic picture frames add a special touch to the home decor. Whether in country or modern style, they make the place look warmer and cozier. And they look beautiful as well !

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One of the greatest features of rustic framework is that you can be very creative and craft it by yourself.

rustic picture frames home decor ideas DIY picture frames ideas

It is an easy way to bring a countryside touch to the decor into any home. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. You could use a variety of items that you have in the backyard or your garden shelter.

 How to make rustic picture frames

DIY decor wall decoration

Like most furniture and accessories, rustic picture frames are made of natural materials.

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Old barnwood, recycled wood, twigs, branches – all these cost next to nothing and can be given new life.

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Another idea – do not throw away old window casing, tables or wooden pallets. They could be transformed into beautiful framework and you could even make one big enough for a collage.

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Think of yarn, which will help you fix together the twigs you gathered from the forest, burlap looks very rustic, so you can use it to decorate your handmade framework.

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You could paint the frames or leave them in their natural color. You know that Nature is the best designer and the wood grain and the shades of colors created by Nature are hard to imitate.

 Rustic picture frames – fantastic gift ideas

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Photo framing is not just a decoration for the walls. Rustic picture frames can be a wonderful gift for family and friends.

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It can be a fun DIY project for your children and the end result will be the best gift for the grandparents.

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Why not use the handmade items as a guest gift at your wedding reception or your Christmas party?

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Making the wooden structures is not only an easy craft idea. You have the opportunity to reveal your creativity and personality.

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