How to Wear Silver Clothing for Women after 50 Properly and Be Elegant at the Same Time?

by Kremy

How to wear silver clothing for women after 50? How to incorporate silver into your outfits for a chic, elegant and sexy style at the same time? Here is our little fashion guide that will give you the inspiration you need!

How to Wear Silver Clothing for Women after 50?

how to wear silver clothing for women after 50

Silver, metallic and gold accents in your outfit can look stunning if you combine them in the right way. Sometimes too much bling can make us look like a Christmas tree straight out of the dumpster at the House of Gucci! And we don’t want that, even though it’s almost that time of year! So how can you be elegant, chic and trendy by wearing silver from head to toe or how can you achieve this by matching a silver garment to your outfit? If you’re afraid of wearing bright colors after 50, stop worrying right now! Thanks to this little guide, featuring the graceful Instagram fashion influencer Grece Ghanem, we hope you can get inspired to experiment with your style and look amazing!

How to Wear a Silver Dress?

silver dress women 50 years old

It’s easy to wear an all-silver monochromatic outfit. For example, with a dress you need to keep it casual. But how do you do that with silver? Well, you should focus on one color and your accessories should not be of any other bright color. In the photo, Grece is wearing a stunning silver maxi dress paired with silver jewelry. Black-rimmed sunglasses and gold shoes are the showstopper!

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How to Wear Silver Pants?

how to wear silver pants women after 50

How do you make silver pants a part of your outfit without looking too flashy? Well, you can’t! Silver pants are a key piece that will give you a touch of glamor and elegance like no other! However, to avoid the kitsch effect, try to tone down your outfit a little. To do this, wear a darker blazer or oversized jacket and a black handbag.

50 year old woman outfit silver pants

Or, if you want to stand out, combine silver and bright red! Add black and silver to enhance the appeal of the outfit. This outfit is quite flashy, but it’s perfect for going out in the evening!

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What Accessories and Shoes?

silver accessories woman 50 years old

By combining silver with silver, you’ll achieve a classy monochromatic look. However, if you want a subtle contrast that will still make you look elegant, you can opt for gold shoes. These two colors, although very different, actually go together very well!

how to wear silver shoes after 50

But what if you only have silver shoes? How to style them? For a more chic look, wear them with a long black dress or a black ensemble (blazer and pants). Or, a white shirt and black pants. You can wear silver shoes with a long or pleated skirt too! Just be careful not to combine them with neon-colored clothing!

what jewelry for women after 50

If you’re wearing an all-silver outfit or have a statement piece such as a flashy handbag, keep jewelry to a minimum. Silver is quite a chic color, but it can also look kitschy if your accessories are big and bold. So try to stay away from it and opt for very modest and simple jewelry. Sometimes less is more!

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How to Incorporate Silver into Your Outfits?

silver clothing for women

How to wear silver clothing for women after 50? Let’s be real, silver is a very bold color and you’ll certainly become the center of attention if you’re dressed in it from head to toe. However, you can incorporate it into your outfits in a subtle way, so that it isn’t too distracting. If you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree (and believe me, with too much silver it is possible!), try wearing just one garment and accessorizing around it. This color will look more beautiful and elegant if you wear darker clothes. Imagine you have a beautiful silver shirt. How to style it? Wear dark jeans and shoes and to add more shades and contrast, add a colorful handbag (green, pink, orange, blue, etc.).

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