Sporty Elegant Outfits for Women Over 60: Styling Tips to Create Great Seasonal Looks

by Kremy

One of the biggest myths is that women are no longer interested in style and fashion after 60! Do you agree with that? We don’t! Yes, once you reach a certain age, some of the fashion trends are no longer applicable to more mature women, but that’s why in this article we have put together some ideas for great sporty elegant outfits for women over 60, as well as some fashion tips that will help you express your own fashion taste in the best way!

Sporty Elegant Outfits for Women Over 60 – Create a Modern Monochromatic Look

sporty elegant outfits for women over 60 a modern monochromatic look

The monochromatic look is a treat not only for women over 60 but for women of all ages when you don’t know what to wear but still want to look stylish. Accessories play a big role here, allowing you to add a dose of mood or a pop of color to the look if you wish.

To recreate the outfit of the stylish lady in the photo, which is black but brings a large portion of mood and modernity with the stylish hat and sunglasses, you need some basics that you should have in your closet anyway for fall-winter 2023-2024 season in order to be able to create various sporty elegant outfits for women over 60. So, invest in a long black wool skirt, a black long-sleeved cotton blouse and a black linen scarf. Complete the look with chunky black flat shoes of your choice.

sporty elegant outfits for women over 60 styling tips for great seasonal looks

In addition, wear a brown fur coat. We recommend that you choose one made of faux fur. This is the right choice not only for your wallet, but also for the environment.

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Invest in a Bold, Colorful Piece of Clothing

fashion over 60 invest in bold colorful pieces of clothing

Another important element in your updated wardrobe to create a variety of sporty elegant outfits for women over 60 is a colorful blazer or pants. It can also be a skirt or a dress, even a hat or a handbag. The only important thing is that you have something colorful in your closet to add an accent to your fall-winter looks. We guarantee that it will not only affect your style, but also your mood.

Orange pants paired with a white shirt is a wonderful outfit for the upcoming celebrations and gatherings with family and friends. Complement it with beautiful earrings and wear comfortable loafers. You can also combine it with a black turtleneck and black boots, and wear a beret on your head, which should be in the same color palette as the trousers. This is a beautiful, casual and youthful look!

Another gorgeous color option is an orange (or other bright dress color of your choice) button-up maxi dress. You can combine it wonderfully with a long wool coat – which is one of the fashion trends for the fall-winter 2023/24 – and with warm boots.

a blazer is a must have for any sporty elegant look

A blazer is a must-have for any sporty elegant look, and the red color is not only feminine and fatalistic, but also typical for winter weather and upcoming holidays. So what better way to turn heads than by pairing a nice bright red blazer with high-waisted jeans and a black bodysuit? Complete this look with a lipstick in the same color as the blazer! This is a very modern, feminine and bold look that proves that there is no age for good style! The outfit is suitable for both casual and informal evening events.

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Don’t Forget the Seasonal Basics – Jeans, Sweaters and Cardigans

warm sweaters combined with jeans are timeless classics

Warm sweaters in bright, earthy or floral colors combined with jeans are timeless classics when it comes to seasonal outfits for fall and winter. Shades such as beige, dark green, brown, champagne can add warmth and class to any sporty-elegant outfit. Both sweaters and cardigans have an updated design that can be combined in numerous ways at any age. Sweater dresses are also a great option for casual, sporty elegant outfits for women over 60.

a french beret can give any outfit a youthful and fresh look

Pay attention to accessories too – a French beret can give any outfit a youthful and fresh look! Color-coordinate it with the rest of your clothing or use it as a pop of color in a monochromatic look.

sporty elegant outfits for women over 60 pay attention to accessories

Another way to make a casual outfit elegant, interesting and creative is to wear multiple necklaces over a white turtleneck and jeans. Complete the look with a long beige shirt with a blue print or a long cardigan. Low heel ankle boots are the perfect finishing touch!

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