What to Plant in a Vegetable Garden in November? – 7 Delicious Frost-Resistant Crops!

by Stephanie Yankova

Do you think November is a “dead” month for gardening? Well, think again! In fact, there are plenty of veggies that prefer the cool fall weather to grow. Learn what to plant in a vegetable garden in November to ensure a delicious harvest even through the winter!

What to Plant in a Vegetable Garden in November? – 7 Vegetables that Prefer Cool Temperatures

what to plant in the garden in november vegetables

Don’t put away your gardening tools just yet! Did you know that there are plenty of vegetables that you can plant in mid and late fall? Even if you live in a region where the temperatures drop below 0 during the fall, you can still maintain those crops by taking a little extra care of them! Carrots, kale, and garlic are only some of the delicious veggies to choose from for your fall garden! Let’s take a look at the rest!

Can You Plant Garlic in November?

garden planting november garlic

Absolutely! White and purple garlic are perfect for planting in November. Garlic is actually a vegetable that grows very well in the fall because the cloves need cool temperatures to divide and form heads. Plant it in well-draining soil, but make sure not to use store-bought garlic to ensure a healthy harvest!

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What About Kale?

what veg to plant in your garden in november kale

Kale is a vegetable that can be planted all year round. However, the most suitable time of the year to do it is in November. You can plant it directly in the ground as it is frost-resistant. It can grow rather slowly depending on the amount of natural light that it gets, but regardless of that, it will give you a beautiful green garden during the winter!

Which Carrots to Plant in November?

planting carrots in november garden

If you live in an area with a mild climate, the carrot Rothild is ideal to plant in November. These root vegetables are incredibly easy to plant and take care of, and can be eaten both raw or used in dishes!

When to Plant Rhubarb?

how when to plant rhubarb fall 2023

Although rhubarb is a vegetable, it is most frequently used in sweet recipes and is great for making cakes! It’s ideal to plant rhubarb in mid-late fall, as well as spring. However, it won’t be ready to harvest until 2 years after planting. If you want to speed up the process, opt for a one-year-old plant in a rhizome form.

Growing Mizuna

planting mizuna vegetable garden november

Mizuna is a member of the Brassicaceae family, also known as “Japanese mustard greens”, and is in fact a cabbage that grows quite fast. It’s full of vitamins, easy to care for, and a perfect addition to your fall vegetable garden. Plant it now and harvest it in 40 days, when its leaves reach a height between 10 and 12 cm (4 – 4.7 inches).

Can You Plant Peas in the Fall?

november fall garden vegetables peas

Some varieties, such as sugar peas Norli, Sweet Provence, or Petit Provencal peas, can be planted in November and harvested in early spring. It’s really important to plant them in covered pots in order to protect them from birds and mice.

Give Your Mushrooms a Kickstart

how when to plant mushrooms november garden

Mushrooms are the perfect fall vegetable to plant in November! They love shade and can survive harsh conditions that the majority of other plants couldn’t. Regardless of the variety, they are incredibly easy to grow and take care of! You can even buy ready-made kits that will make the task even easier, allowing you to use compost, mulch, or even coffee grounds as soil for mushrooms. If you’re a beginner, we suggest you try Oyster Mushrooms first!

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