What are the skirt trends for women after 40? Here are 4 models to shop for your roaring 40s

by Kremy

Those who say that “40 is the age of fashion momentum!” aren’t really wrong. After 40, we are young. You can start a family, relive a first love, have a toned body or show off a look at the top of style. In short, we can afford to be cool and glamorous at the same time, rock and chic. This is the age when we know who we are and what we need. So, this season, no need to give up skirts and dresses! Follow our guide to find out how to dress this fall-winter 2023! Our fashion experts take a look at the skirt trends for women after 40 and 50 by revealing the models that are sure to be a hit.

How to dress after 40?

how to dress after 40 years old woman 50 years style fashion trend fall winter 2022

How to dress when you are 40 years old? Well, the way you want to! There is no expiration date when it comes to fashion. Of course, after 40, you don’t want to dress like you did at 20. We rather want a stylish but assertive look, a style of clothing right in line with current but personal trends that mixes chic and practicality… in short, we are looking for a look that is neither “too much” nor “not enough”. Here is our guide in a few pieces to shop (or to avoid) after 40 years:

  • a knee-length little black dress, tight enough, neither too loose nor too babydoll
  • an oversized white shirt to wear with a leather skirt
  • a winter coat to match your favorite dress for a chic look
  • faded jeans to wear with a nice blouse and heels (or Converse)

Some fashion precautions to take when you are 40 years old (or more):

Go light on accessories and makeup. However, never go out without jewelry or make-up! Take care of your cut. A bad hair look can make you look terrible. So, at 40 years of age, treat yourself to a color and a fashionable cut. Invest in a nice pair of black loafers, cowboy boots, trendy sneakers or heels. Because trendy shoes have the fashion potential to enhance every outfit, even the most basic.

what skirt to wear after 45 skirt trend fall winter 2022


What skirt to wear at 40?

No, the skirt is not forbidden after forty! Play the femininity card and make the skirt your best fashion and anti-aging ally this winter 2023! Go for the timeless long skirt and wear it in any season with elegance. Combine it with white sneakers and a logo t-shirt. In winter, wear it with a cashmere sweater and a pair of women’s leather military boots.

Fall-winter 2022 skirt trends for women after 40 years: 4 models to shop

how to wear black leather skirt after 40 years

To find the skirt trends for women after 40 years suitable for you, here is a small shopping selection to show off your legs in style. Long or short skirt, tweed or leather, pleated or pencil, there is something for everyone. The idea for our fashion file? You feel comfortable enough, no matter the length of the model chosen.

The long pleated skirt – the ultimate skirt trends for women after 40 years

how to wear pleated skirt after 40 years old woman 50 years old fashion outfit idea fall 2022

Do you follow our fashion articles closely? Then you are probably aware that the pleated skirt is the skirt trend for fall 2022. Whether it’s monochromatic or colorful, patterned or metallic, maxi or midi, the pleated skirt offers many versatile combinations for fall. In addition, it can be worn during the day as well as in the evening. The pleated skirt is also perfect for accenting your new pair of shoes. If you have wider hips, you don’t need to deprive yourself of them. Opt for a straight, long version. And because the pleated skirt is self-sufficient, it is advisable to remain modest at the upper part of your outfit.

The leather skirt

two tone leather skirt trend 45 years winter fashion 2023

The leather (or faux leather) skirt is a piece that has crossed the times and seasons with brilliance without going out of fashion. Although it may seem vulgar to some, it is quite elegant and modern. This is why we choose it without too much hesitation. Midi or long, pleated or pencil, black or red, it comes in several models that adapt to each silhouette to give you style every day. The model to choose after 40 years? The brown leather tight skirt. Why? Because brown will be the new black this winter. Prints are also allowed. Python, leopard, mock croc, zebra or tiger, the choice is yours.

The short tweed skirt

short chic tweed black and white skirt fashion trend women 40 or 50 years winter 2023

If you think that the short skirt is reserved for young girls, think again, because it has indeed evolved and adapts to every age. This winter 2023, we choose it in tweed. A key fabric in the wardrobe of women aged 40 or over, tweed is perfect for your office looks. Velvet is the other major fashion trend at the moment that works very well for people in their forties.

Winter 2023 skirt trends for women after 40 years: The knitted skirt

two piece knit outfit for women 50 60 years old fall 2022

If it’s just young fashionistas who like to stand out, there are fashion trends whose aura is so powerful that you can’t escape them, no matter how old you are. Such is, for example, the case of the knitted set that Instagrammers adopt as a second skin. This winter 2022, the cardigan continues its fashion rise by ensuring comfort in our wardrobe. We love the two-piece outfit whose top slightly clears the shoulders and the skirt is long and straight. To complete it, we dare the faux fur chain bag.

Sweater, leather skirt and pointed toe zebra print boots

black leather skirt women 40 years style outfit fall winter 2022

Winter 2023 skirt trends for women after 40 years

checked skirt women after 40 years winter outfit 2023

Checked Buttoned Wrap Skirt

What are the skirt trends for women over 40 wrap skirt checked

Long denim slit skirt

how to wear denim skirt after 40 years for women fall 2022

Long pleated coat and printed skirt

long pleated skirt woman 50 years

White and green plaid maxi skirt, gray blazer and high heeled boots

checkered white green long skirt woman 40 years

Red leather buttoned skirt for 50-year-old women

outfit idea skirt woman 40 years red leather autumn 2022

Printed pencil skirt women 60 years old fall 2022

skirt trend woman 60 years fashion style fall winter 2022

Mini-skirt in pink tweed to pimp up a total black look

short skirt tweed woman 40 years old look style office outfit fashion trend fall winter 2022

Mid-length satin skirt for women over 50

skirt woman 50 years old grey hair salt and pepper trendy outfit fall 2022

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