How to Reuse Pumpkin After Halloween? Check Out 4 Remarkable Ideas on Tricks and Treats!

by Kristiyana

It’s finally Halloween, folks! Oh, I am so happy! I have two costumes lined up for the occasion, and I am ready to get stuffed with candy and drink Halloween-themed cocktails. Who’s with me?! The only thing that kind of bothers me is that after today, there will be huge piles of carved pumpkins having an existential crisis because they don’t have purpose in life any more… Isn’t that sad? Don’t you feel for them? Let’s make the most of these little guys! I have a few tricks up my sleeve on how to reuse a pumpkin after Halloween! Want to know my secrets?

 How to Reuse Pumpkin After Halloween

how to reuse a pumpkin after Halloween_ how to reuse a pumpkin

There is an abundance of ways to reuse your pumpkins after Halloween! First, there are the recipes! I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love diving in a delicious juicy-orange pumpkin pie or making homemade spicy pumpkin seeds? There are so many finger-licking recipes involving pumpkins! And if you are not up for cooking, then you can choose to use your pumpkin leftovers for improving your garden or even for trying out new spa treatments. Keep on reading and pick what seems most delightful to you! For me, that will definitely be the pumpkin treats. Yum!

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1. Prepare a rich pumpkin cream soup

pumpkin cream soup recipe_ cream soup recipe


I am starting the list strong, with my favourite dish of all time—pumpkin cream soup! As my husband’s family are big on farming, every fall we receive a bach of sweet and delicious home-grown pumpkins. Usually, I am the one who has to figure out what to do with them, so they don’t go all to waste! One of my greatest creations is my cream soup recipe that my husband says is my greatest dish so far! I think the secret of the great taste lies in adding curry, garlic powder, a bit of cream cheese and finishing it off with some crunchy croutons! And pumpkins are so good for your health! A warm meal like this will be sure to fill you with the needed vitamins for the cold days.

2. Roast some tasty and spicy pumpkin seeds


All of us in the office love snacking on pumpkin seeds! We have exchanged a few of our favourite recipes and often search the web for new ones when we have free time. So if you are a fan like us, you can reuse your pumpkins after Halloween by making a tasty snack for your office days. Or for when you are resting a bit in front of the telly. You will need to properly clean your pumpkin seeds and then prepare them for roasting. Look for some interesting and new ways to spice them up, like with dried oregano or chilli pepper. So tasty and nutritious!

3. Reuse your pumpkins after Halloween as spa products

pumpkin skincare products_diy pumpkin mask

Have you heard that pumpkins can also be very good for the wellbeing of your skin? Why yes! Pumpkins are known to be rich in vitamins A and C, antioxidants, as well as zinc. Thanks to these nutrients, adding pumpkin to your cosmetics can help smooth and nourish your skin, plus boost collagen. So instead of throwing them out, listen up on how you can reuse pumpkin after Halloween as skincare products!

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3.1. Create a pumpkin body sugar scrub

pumpkin spa products_pumpkin body scrub

If you are in need of some exfoliation, then this pumpkin body sugar scrub is for you! To create it, blend equal parts of pumpkin purée and olive oil in a small jar or bowl. After that, add sugar, until the texture becomes thick and slurry. Use it in the shower with a wash cloth or loofah. Then wash it off, leave to dry and apply a soft moisturizing cream. Refreshing, am I right?

3.2 Make a pumpkin face mask for dry skin

pumpkin face mask_pumpkin face mask for dry skin

When you have dry skin like I do, and you want to protect it from the chilly weather, this nourishing pumpkin face mask is just what you require! To make it, combine 1/4 cup/50g of pumpkin purée with a teaspoon of olive oil. Then add a teaspoon of honey and one whole egg. Gather the ingredients and blend until you have a smooth texture. Apply it to your face and leave for 15-20 min. Then rinse and dry off. Splendid! If you are interested in similar face masks for dry skin, check out our list of 15 homemade dry skin face mask recipes!

4. Reuse your pumpkin to fertilize your garden

pumpkin composting_ how to compost a pumpkin

When you are wondering, what to do with leftover pumpkins after Halloween, you can also use them to nourish your gardens. Every piece of a pumpkin is compostable. You can leave it whole, or chop it in small bits and place it in heaps to nourish your soil. Just be aware that if your carved pumpkins have been painted, you can’t compose them in your garden. A lot of the paints used on pumpkins can be filled with chemicals which will do harm to the soil. If there are some leftover seeds in the pumpkins, you can also leave them out to feed the birds.

I hope you guys had fun reading this article and will use my ideas on tricks and treats to do with your pumpkins after Halloween ends. In the meantime, let’s all have some fun tonight with our last-minute costumes and scare away any ghost that decides to swing by our house! Cheers!

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