The exotic character of the tropical style in the interior design

by Kremy


The tropical style is distinguished by the comfort, warmth and exotic it brings to the contemporary interior, as it uses soothing colours and natural elements, carrying the spirit of the jungle. Its main elements are the stylized lamps, the big banana-trees, the engravings and prints of wild animals, the rattan furniture and the hemp wallpapers. Minimalism, taken in its magnificence, is characteristic for this style. It recreates large pictures with the use of simpler details and larger accessories.

Bedroom interior in tropical style



Comfortable upholstered furniture is a compulsory element in the contemporary tropical style. Long horizontal lines soothe the atmosphere, while taller elements add monumentality to the interior. Plants, blinds and pieces of art with exotic height can become accenting interior elements, associating to a tropical forest outlook. Green nuances are also predominant. Separate strokes can be underlined in brown, black or mild shades of red.

Stylish tropical terrace design


The furniture is made of wood, bamboo, rattan and wrought iron. They are large, comfortable and functional. Textile should be soft and charming, with plant motives, imitating the jungle style. In order for the exotic style to step firmly into the interior picture, figures and statues of animals living tropical forests would be suitable: monkeys, giraffes, parrots. A perfect addition is palm trees, placed in the corners of the room. A floor with wood covering and a reed carpet is a good suggestion for the floor. Bamboo or wooden blinds, light cooling materials for the curtains are mere strokes in the style’s general configuration.

Exotic minimalist bathroom design


The art elements should be correlated to the colours in the room. Light golden, brown and green tones are a suitable background for a landscape of wild animals or a tropical forest. Lining elements in the shape of wild animals and plants from the Tropics are a good way to underline the interior’s tropical outlook. Colourful ceramic dishes, bamboo or reed plate racks  thick glasses, wood or bamboo trays and osier fruit baskets will give an atmosphere of life in the Tropics.

Text by B. Angelov


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