Top 5 bedside tables for a bedroom

by Kremy



Contemporary minimalist bedrooms consist of two very important elements – a bеd and a bedside table. It is very often even when we see a modern bedroom that seems to be a little bit odd and empty by the first look but later we realize that this is its style and the conception behind its interior design – although the lack of some big wardrobe or many decors, the presence of the bed and a bedside table is mandatory!

Modern bedside table




A Bedside table is not just an element, which makes the interior design of a bedroom look finished and well balanced in terms of colors, furniture and decors. It is a convenient piece of furniture that is needed by all of us – it is a solution to lazy Sunday mornings when we want to stay in bed and a secret place for all that intimate and private things we save only for ourselves.

Minimalist bedside table



Let us introduce one of all that Top 5 bedside tables, which are covering the interior design magazines and that can be seen in the best organized, furnished and decorated homes. If you like the idea behind one of these nightstands and you still do not have one next to your own bed, it is high time for you to spend some money for such an investment for your house or flat.



The first one bedside table impresses both – with its shape and colors. The cyclamen nuance is combined with polished black and is a visual separation of all the sections in this bedside table. It is perfect for all those people who have some mania to collect things. This black-cyclamen bedside table will make your life easier and will make the interior design of your bedroom more colorful and stylish.


Among the best bedside tables we see elegant glass and awesome PVC masterpieces which stays to our bed as a decor. In a way the extraordinary shape makes the atmosphere more vanguard and eccentric and meanwhile you may still use the bedside table as a place for all things you need to be at hand.

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