Trendy Hairstyles Over 60 That Make You Look Younger in 2023

by Kristiyana

Women of all ages enjoy receiving compliments on their appearance and luckily, with the right style and haircut, receiving them is quite easy. And since we don’t want to rely on every woman being familiar with the trends for winter 2023, we have listed trendy hairstyles over 60 that make you look younger in this article. Here they are!

Trendy Hairstyles Over 60 That Make You Look Younger – Bob with Bangs

trendy hairstyles over 60 to look younger bob with bangs

As you get older, hormonal changes can cause your hair to thin out. But even if that’s not the case for you, the bob is one of the trending hairstyles for women over 60 that makes them look younger. This is not only due to the youthful appeal of this haircut but also due to its key features, which are:

  • The bob makes hair look thicker
  • Can be easily adapted to facial features and hair structure. Depending on this, the appropriate length and bangs are determined to complement the look (the length of the hairstyle can vary from the ears to the neck)

Furthermore, the hairstyle can also be cut in fine layers that give movement to the hair, which in turn contributes to a youthful look. However, you need to be careful with the number of layers. Adding too many layers will blur the classic shape of the hairstyle and go more towards a shag look.

Which Bangs Should You Combine the Haircut With?

which bangs should you choose over 60 to look younger


Should you complement the bob hairstyle with bangs? This is a topic you can discuss with your hairdresser, but it is also a matter of personal preference. However, we believe that bangs are advisable, not only because they can hide forehead wrinkles, but also because they are a very relevant element in the trends for winter 2023 (and not only). A fashionable appearance is also a factor when it comes to how old a lady looks, especially if you don’t blindly follow the trends but still take them into account and personalize them.

For your bob hairstyle, we recommend thick bangs that reach to your eyebrows or just below. Curtain bangs are also an excellent option.

As for styling, wear your bob with both a side part and a center part, the former giving the look an elegant touch and the latter a modern touch. Avoid heat treatment when styling. If your hair is regularly frizzy, consider investing in an anti-frizz conditioner and hair oil to smooth it out. Yet, heat treatment will only harm your hair, which is already thinning with age. If you still want to curl the ends inwards, use curlers. Place on damp hair, blow dry and set with hairspray.

Trendy Hairstyles Over 60 That Make You Look Younger –  Short & Long Pixie

trendy hairstyles over 60 to look younger the short pixie

In recent years, the pixie has been preferred by more and more women because it looks fashionable and is easy to style and does not require daily maintenance. You just need a visit to the hairdresser every 4 to 6 weeks. So if you want to keep up with 2023 hair trends and have a trendy hairstyle that will make you look at least a few years younger, the pixie cut is a great option.

A pixie can accentuate or soften the shape of your face – this largely depends on the length of bangs you choose. If you choose wispy bangs – short and thin bangs, your facial features will naturally come to focus. However, if you choose an option where long strands frame your face, your facial features will appear softer. In addition, long side bangs make the pixie cut not only look fashionable, but also very feminine.

long side bangs make the pixie look very feminine

Another plus point of this short haircut is that it makes your hair appear thicker. It also goes perfectly with a white or gray hair color, which not only save you time and money, but also keeps your hair healthier because you can avoid coloring it. There is no other hairstyle that combines as well with gray hair as the pixie.

How to Style This Short Hairstyle?

trendy hairstyles over 60 to look younger how to style the pixie

As someone with short hair, do you think there aren’t many ways to style it and have fun with it? You are wrong! You can always let your bangs fall freely forward, but you can also pull them back with a fixing gel.

trendy hairstyles over 60 to look younger these are the trends for winter 2023

Additionally, you can create waves around your face or use a volumizing spray that you spray onto your damp hairline. This will give your hair additional visual density.

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Bonus Trick for Trendy Hairstyles Over 60 That Make You Look Younger

styling tips how to look younger wearing fashionable accessories

Trendy hairstyles over 60 that make you look younger – now that you have chosen your short or medium-length haircut from the list in this article, we would like to give you an additional tip that will also make you appear younger, fresher and more fashionable. The key word here is – accessories! Trendy sunglasses or a cowboy hat are a guarantee of an original, interesting and creative look.

the cowboy hat guarantees an original and creative look at any age

Don’t just let these fashion tricks benefit the younger ladies, you can do more with them, and we guarantee you’ll get lots of compliments!

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