Modern Short Bowl Cut for Women Over 60 to Wear in Fall 2023

by Kristiyana

Want to know a secret? If you are over fifty, and you want to change your look and rejuvenate your face this fall, you only need one thing: to try the short bowl cut for women over 60! Maybe you haven’t heard about this hairstyle? Here’s everything you need to know about the modern haircut, plus which versions would look prettiest!

What Is the Bowl Cut?

modern short bowl cut for women over 60 in 2023

Admit it: you were never a fan of this “weird” hairstyle so loved by women during the 80s! Well, get ready for that to change! The 2023 bowl cut is such a unique and remarkable style, that you will fall in love with it as soon as you see yourself in the mirror! It’s no coincidence that some of the most beautiful women in the world like Ruby Rose, Céline Dion, and Zendaya have already worn it!

But what exactly is the short bowl cut for women over 60? It is a rounded and strongly graduated hairstyle that has the shape of a bowl or even a mushroom. Traditionally, the bowl cut has all sides at the same length starting with the bangs, but modern versions can be layered just as well. Considered a masculine hairstyle in the past, nowadays, this haircut has well and truly earned its place in women’s hearts with its versatility, femininity, and originality.

Why Opt for This Short Hairstyle at 60 or Over?

trendy short hairstyle for 65 year old woman with anti ageing effect


If you are looking for an idea for your next hairstyle makeover, but you already see everyone wearing a pixie or bob cut, then the short bowl cut for 60-year-old women is exactly for you! Perfect for round and square faces, it also goes well with all other face shapes, giving them an instant youthful boost!

In addition to being a little rebellious and super modern, the bowl cut is usually worn with bangs, which helps hide the visible signs of ageing on the forehead and has the effect of a facelift without surgery. Super easy to style, this haircut is suitable for ladies with fine, straight hair. However, there are plenty of ways to wear this short women’s hairstyle by infusing it with even more personality.

How to Wear the Short Bowl Cut for Women Over 60 This Fall?

trendy short hairstyles for women over 50 modern bowl cut fall trend

Yes, as mentioned earlier in the article, the 80s versions of the bowl cut may not have been the most flattering! But this is no longer the case for the short bowl cut for women over 60, and you will see this for yourself by discovering its contemporary versions, which are so chic and with a little rock & roll vibe. Versatile and elegant, it adapts to every style and taste, making you look 10 years younger!

Short Bowl Cut for Women Over 60 in a Feathery Style

short modern bowl cut for 60 year old woman feathery look

Want a short haircut that is at the same time very feminine? Opt for the feathery bowl cut! Lightly textured and tousled, with a subtle fade on the sides, this hairstyle is a nod to your soft and flirtatious side. Combine with a hair dye in pastel shades to reinforce its effect and be even more beautiful at 60!

Graduated Bowl Bob Cut for a Trendy Twist

graduated bob bowl cut for edgy women over 60 to wear in fall 2023


Didn’t we mention above that this short haircut existed in lots of different versions? And here is proof! If you are not ready for such a radical change, you can very well wear the graduated bob bowl cut after 50! By borrowing elements from the graduated bob that is trending in 2023, the short bowl cut for women over 60 becomes totally different while keeping its rebellious and original side.

Women’s A-line Tapered Bowl Cut for an Anti-Ageing Effect

short hairstyles for women over 60 a line bob bowl cut fall 2023

There’s no doubt that layered hairstyles are at the height of their popularity this fall! The a-line tapered bowl cut has bangs, is shorter at the back and longer at the nape of the neck for a really interesting effect. After 60, wear the haircut by combining it with a salt and pepper hair colour for a breathtaking result!

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Short Pixie Bowl Cut to Rejuvenate the Face

short pixie bowl cut for women over 60 hairstyle trends fall 2023

Do you have a long or oval face and thin hair caused by ageing? Dare to wear the pixie bowl cut! Combine with straight bangs at the brow line or side for a softer look. This hairstyle is perfect for a 60-year-old woman who wears glasses, creating a beautiful frame for the face. Wear this stylish haircut and make the most of your graceful years!

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