Pool landscaping ideas and basic rules for the decor of the exterior

by Kremy

unique pool landscape design ideas backyard decor

Pool landscaping is the art of creating a surrounding environment based on proportion, visual aesthetics and harmonious blending of different elements. At the same time, the process of landscaping the area around the swimming pool includes both very small and very large objects – from pebbles to boulders, from mosaic decorative tiles to patio paving, decking, water features, plants and outdoor furniture.

All these are combined in a design concept which should result in a very spectacular sight. In addition, the landscape design needs to observe a number of rules which will guarantee that your beautiful exterior will not lose its appearance in just one year. For example, when planting trees, you need to know what height they will reach. If the tree grows very tall, may cast shadow on the water while low-growing shrubs and trees will drop foliage in the water.

Modern swimming pools are designed with an idea to create an island of peace and joy where, one can enjoy nature and silence, you can completely relax and forget about the daily routine, worries and stresses. Very often the outdoor area is divided into different functional zones – an area for relaxation, a barbecue, a dining area, pergolas, sun beds, umbrellas, etc. Let’s have a look at the most important elements that will define your landscape and will give the overall appearance of your exterior.


Pool landscaping ideas – what are the main concerns that you need to think of?

best poolside landscape design ideas backyard decor


It should be noted that modern and popular trends in the landscape design of the area around the pool can transform the yard of your house beyond recognition. However, when you start planning or when you browse the internet for pool landscaping ideas, make sure that you focus on the main characteristics of a successful design – privacy, safety, convenience, visual aesthetics, low maintenance plants.

Most homeowners prefer a garden pool. Of course, swimming in the fresh air is always preferable. Often a small backyard space dictates the choice of the shape. The elegant design of the space around the pool adds to the appearance of the exterior and the sense of tranquility. Most backyard pools have a rectangular shape, which is simple and easily fits into the overall landscape design. However free form swimming pools can be styled in most amazing ways as well. As you know, there is no limit for creativity and originality.

The first step is to draw a sketch. This will visualize your backyard, the location of the pool, the boundaries of your plot, and you will have a pretty good idea for the available space around the swimming pool.

One of the main concerns of homeowners is privacy. There are different options to choose from – a garden fence, a living wall, different privacy plants that will guarantee that no prying eyes will disturb your relax.

Safety is another major consideration. It may sound a bit bizarre to people who deal with pool landscaping for the first time, but this is very important and includes the choice of deck materials, fences, additional decorative features like fire bowls, etc.

Convenience is something that will give you the joy and ease around your pool. You have to plan the different zones – dining area, barbecue area, lounge area, fireplace, etc. – in such a way, so that all these functional zones work harmoniously and you have an easy access to each zone.

Visual appeal – well, this is the main goal, after all – to combine construction materials, plants, flowers, shapes and forms and achieve the ultimate pleasure to the eye. There are hundreds of options to choose from which will add character, individuality and beauty to your landscape – waterfalls, water features, fountains, sculptures, decorative lighting, natural stone, terracotta, clay, wood, wrought iron, beautiful textile, etc.

Plants can transform your backyard into a dream tropical island or complement the strict geometry of a contemporary exterior. Plants can guarantee your pool privacy, they can add splendid colors and fresh green and they can be used to provide shade as well as a pleasant scent.


Pool landscaping ideas – how to choose and combine the elements of the design?


unique pool landscape design ideas backyard decorating

Choosing the right materials is essential for any design. When looking at beautiful pool landscaping ideas, pay attention to the materials that impressed you and think whether and how you can incorporate them in your design.

The pool deck is, perhaps, the most important element in your landscape. Usually it repeats the shape of the pool itself, but you can play with lines and have a curved deck around a rectangular pool. The general requirements for the choice of materials are that they should be decorative, safe and durable. Sand, for example, is not a very good choice, as it will remain on the feet and the water will be constantly polluted.

Natural wood is a great choice and beautifully fits into any style of the garden. Make sure that you choose a durable and waterproof wood with antiseptic impregnation and the wooden pool deck will serve you for a long time losing its beautiful appearance. An exclusive solution is to use tropical wood species. As you know, in the tropics the humidity level is high and tropical wood has exceptional moisture resistance.Composite decking, as a material, is an affordable choice and such decks are easy to install, do not require special care and will last a long time.

Natural stone is also hugely popular material and the market offers a wide range of options. Manufacturers offer a variety of natural stone types, including varieties that are treated with a special coating for water resistance. Concrete, artificial or natural stone – the choice will depend on the taste preferences of the homeowners, their lifestyle and the budget, of course. In terms of appearance, natural stone and artificial are not much different but if you compare reliability, durability and strength, nothing is better than natural material for finishing outdoor surfaces.

pool lighting backyard landscape design ideas

A relaxing area will provide you a place to sunbathe. Families with small children can arrange a playground near the pool so that while adults are resting by the water, the children can play on the playground.

Many homeowners add a spa-area to their swimming pool. Typically it is a Jacuzzi, often as a part of the pool design. This area can be decorated with sculptures or a fountain, pots with beautiful plants, a couple of sun loungers and a small table with an umbrella and your small backyard oasis is ready.

A lounge area, dining area or an open living room, smoothly passing into the courtyard, are the areas for entertaining so depending on the purpose of your swimming pool, you should consider to add one or more of these functional zones.

Decorative fountains and waterfalls is a hot trend in backyard landscaping. The noise of the falling water will undoubtedly attract your guests, and you can show your impeccable taste so do not limit your fantasy and do not be afraid to add a rain curtain, jets or any other water feature which will complement the overall landscaping concept.

poolside landscape design ideas patio decorating natural stone firepits


Fire is an element which has an exceptional effect on people and you will seldom find a backyard without a fireplace or a fire pit. Combining two powerful elements like fire and water creates stunning visual aesthetics and innovative designs and modern materials allow creating thousands of opportunities for a harmonious union of these two opposites.

Lighting – well, this is one of the elements that can create real magic, especially in pool landscape designs. From a practical point of view, landscape and lighting will allow you to use your pool and swim at night. On the other hand, lighting is a powerful decorating tool and you can combine decorative and accent lighting to create a special mood and complete the fantastic appearance of your backyard.

Pool landscaping ideas feature different styles. The main thing is that the style of the pool landscape should correspond to the general concept for the exterior design and this will greatly influence and determine the choice of materials, pool and garden furniture, plants and fabrics.

Modern pool landscaping features straight lines and geometric shapes. Very often the house architecture requires a minimalist approach for the landscape design as well and swimming pools and the surrounding area are designed based on simplicity and functionality.

Mediterranean and tropic swimming pool landscape designs feature waterfalls, lush green plants, boulders, natural stone, palm trees and are the perfect backyard oasis.

tropical pool landscaping ideas garden designs

Enjoy the fantastic pool landscaping ideas that we selected for you and find your inspiration for the design of your own backyard!



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