Using Old Furniture in the Garden: Give New Exciting Life to Your Chairs and Tables!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Realization of ideas for repurposing old furniture in your garden will not only reduce the waste, but is also a wonderful way to bring a touch of nostalgia and beauty to your outdoor space. The possibilities for the transformation of the worn out chairs, cabinets and doors into a decoration for your green area are endless. This sustainable decision also saves you much money for buying other type of garden accessories, and can breathe new, exciting life into these forgotten old pieces from your home. Stay on this page to reveal some creative ideas for using old furniture in the garden.

How Do I Use Old Furniture in My Garden?

using old furniture in the garden plant flowers on the table's surface

Here are a few creative ideas of using old furniture in the garden, which will reduce your waste and that you’ll probably find practical and nice looking:

  • Vibrant cabinet planter: It would be a good idea to transform an old chest of drawers, or a cabinet into a planter by removing the drawers, and filling the vacated space with soil. Do not forget to add a layer of gravel for drainage. Then plant a variety of flowers, herbs or succulents in each drawer for a stunning vertical garden.
  • Tabletop mini garden: You may convert your old side table or a coffee table into a mini garden. It’s enough to place some potted plants or arrange succulents on its tabletop to create a charming focal point for your green area.
  • Garden shelving unit: Maybe you have an old bookshelf or cabinet, which gathers dust? If it’s so, it will be a great possibility to give it a new life and at the same time diversify your garden. Remove any back panels and paint it with outdoor-grade paint. Then display on its shelves potted plants, garden tools, and decorative elements, to have your both practical and beautiful art corner in your garden.

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Using Old Furniture in the Garden: Chairs

how do i use old furniture in my garden remove the seat from a chair and place a container with a plant


Benefit from using old furniture in the garden, especially when you have worn out chairs. With a little bit of imagination, they can be transformed into eye-catching garden features. Try to remove the seat of one chair and replace it with a planter filled with colorful flowers or cascading vines. Its backrest can serve as a trellis, allowing the plants to climb, which will form a striking visual display. Another possible creation is to convert a sturdy chair into a swing for your garden. Remove the chair’s legs and attach ropes or chains to its frame. Then hang it securely from a strong tree branch or a frame, and enjoy a relaxing swing.

How Do You Turn a Dresser Into a Garden?

using old furniture in the garden turn an old cabinet into a mini vertical garden

When you think of using old furniture in the garden, an already unnecessary dresser may be an aesthetic and beneficial possibility. It can be repurposed into a unique centerpiece of your green area by following these steps:

  1. Drill drainage holes: Line the drawers with a layer of fabric or plastic to retain the soil. Then drill holes in the bottom of the drawers to prevent water accumulation.
  2. Fill with potting mix: Fill each drawer with a well-draining soil, which is suitable for the plants you want to grow.
  3. Grow your plants: Take a variety of plants that thrive in containers and suit the aesthetic of your garden. You can opt for flowers, cascading vines, herbs or vegetables for your mini garden within the dresser.

Using an Old Door in the Garden

using old furniture in the garden make a swing from two old doors

Repurposing an old door can bring an interesting architectural touch to your garden. It can be an intriguing option to mount the door against a wall or fence, creating a vertical garden. Then attach containers or hanging baskets to it and fill them with flowers, herbs, or trailing vines. This arrangement looks not only amazing, but also helps to save place using vertical space in your garden. The other way to use an old door is to turn it into a decorative garden divider. Place it strategically to separate different areas within your green place. You can enhance the private look by painting the door with bright colors or giving it a vintage look. If you like paintings, there is a possibility to lean the old door against a wall and use it as a canvas for garden art. Feel free to choose between painting murals, writing quotes or creating a mosaic design on it. At last, if you have two old doors, made from light material, it would be ideal they to be converted into a garden swing. Just connect them at 90-degree angle, and add parts of worn out railing on the both sides of your swing.

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what to do with old garden furniture transform chairs into new furniture

By embracing these creative ideas, you can give a new lease of life to forgotten pieces of furniture and spend a pleasant time in your captivating and sustainable garden.

using old chairs in the garden create a decorative element

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