Valentine’s day boxes: Let’s make something personalized for your loved one this year!

by Gabby

There are a few weeks left before Valentine’s Day is finally here! I am sure you are already planning things to do with your partner and ways to show affection. You can always do the same romantic gestures we do every year with the chocolate, flowers and wine. However, 2023 is all about doing something unexpected and try out new things. And what better gift than doing something with your own hands? Let’s check out the different varieties of Valentine’s Day boxes that you can make this year. How to decorate them? What to put inside? Keep on reading to find out more!

Valentine’s Day boxes: Do something with your own hands for your loved one!

valentines day boxes surprise love letters DIY how to decorate them art craft

I love receiving letters, especially when they are romantic and filled with love. There is nothing better than opening a love note from your partner, which will transfer you back in time when someone had to send a raven or a dove just like in the movies. But how to present these letters in the best way possible for Valentine’s Day? For everyone who receives or sends a lot of Valentine’s notes we have a particularly original idea: making your own mailbox where the declarations of love are collected and kept. These beautiful boxes can also serve as packaging for Valentine’s Day gifts. Get your whole family involved! You can also make Valentine’s Day gift box and fill it up with everything that your partner loves.

DIY Valentine’s Day boxes

valentines day DIY mailbox how to make it tutorial step by step hearts love


Since the Valentine’s Day card custom originated in the USA, it is also possible to create an American mailbox. It has a signal flag on the left side and is tunnel-shaped. When the flag is raised, the mailman knows there is mail in the mailbox that he should pick up.

valentines day american mailbox idea how to do it tutorial step by step easy crafts

You can easily create this cute mailbox just using your empty cereal box or any other thing similar to it. You will need glue, scissors and your imagination to create the perfect Valentine’s Day present. Don’t be hesitant to fill it up with love notes that your partner can read every day.

High School locker Valentine’s Day box

valentines day box highschool locker idea easy to make crafts art DIY

If you are still with your high school sweetheart, remind of how you met and create this amazing locker box. You can leave a sticky note with a funny quote or write the day that you met them. Write your tiny letters and place them inside. You can do a bunch of sticky note on the inside as well. Glue little heart-shaped stickers to make it extra fun.

Valentine’s Day gift boxes for her

valentines day gift boxes for her set present romantic geasture roses cute pink

There comes that special day to show how much we love the person next to us. And even though we share to some extent the opinions like “I show my love every day, I don’t need Valentine’s Day”, in fact, even deep down, we might still admit – it’s nice. It’s pleasant to expect that something more unusual will happen. It’s also enjoyable to think about how to put the widest possible smile on your favorite person. What better way to show your love than a box full of all the things your significant other loves? Make a box for Valentine’s Day and fill it with goodies, roses, candies, candles, and any romantic things you decide. Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is also all about the decor at home in 2023!

valentines day gift ideas box goodies candles make up roeses candies

You can fill up the box with letters, jewelry, scented candles, roses or even make up. You can create the perfect box for a spa day at home, or put an invitation for some romantic date that you have planned. Remember to be creative and use everything that you know your sweetheart will love. You can even make Valentine’s Day cupcakes and put them in the box right before you give it.

Valentine’s Day gift box for him

valentines day gift box for him whiskey candies man present

Let’s be honest, it is very difficult to choose a gift for men on Valentine’s Day. With us, it’s easy, flowers, candy, balloons and we are the happiest in the world. But how do we make a romantic gift for our man that will truly delight him? Make him a gift box with things that he will enjoy using. For example, if he is a whiskey lover, buy him his favorite bottle. Match it with everything inside the box and put some candies as well.

valentines day gift ideas for him box goodies tickets bottle of chapmagne pictures

You can also make a gift box that contain pictures with your favorite memories together. You can place tickets inside for a planned trip, tickets for the movies or concert tickets. Skin care products is also something that your man will enjoy. They often forget about taking care of their skin. You can buy him his favorite perfume as well, if you know what scent he likes.

5 senses gift

5 scenses gift i love you note valentines day for him for her

Have you heard of the 5 senses gift? The concept is basically to buy gifts that represent each of the 5 human senses: sound, taste, smell, touch and sight. I personally love that idea! It is a must to write a love note to your partner saying “I love you with all of my senses!”. You can easily personalize this type of Valentine’s Day box and choose the right gifts. Consider selecting several gifts that each uniquely express your affection for the particular person in your life rather of spending hours attempting to find the one ideal present. You can arouse each of the recipients’ five senses with tiny gifts or larger indulgent ones for a truly spectacular gift-giving experience.

Other Valentines boxes ideas

what box to make for valentines day ideas 2023

Valentine’s Day box for him 

valentines day box for him watch present ideas art 2023 easy to make

Ideas for Valentines gift box for her 

gift for her on valentines day present box cosmetics candles roses make up sweets

Valentine’s Day boxes idea 

valentines day box mailbox craft DIY ideas easy for kids

Cute Valentines box for love letters 

valentines day box idea on how to make something cute art craft

5 Senses gift idea 

how to make the 5 senses gift idea interesting consept for valentines day for him

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