What Can You Grill on the Barbecue to Impress the Guests? Plan a Barbecue Party and Become a Star!

by Kremy

The first weekend without rain! You are planning a barbecue party and want to be the star of the company. Preparing juicy grilled meats with the perfect side dishes is a matter of honor. So bet on diversity! What can you grill on the barbecue? This article will suggest some finger-licking ideas.

What Can You Grill on the Barbecue without any Headaches?

what can you grill on the barbecue garden party plan dishes

The pleasure of a barbecue evening can be summed up in two words: taste and enjoyment. This “promise” should not make you less careful about the safety of the device and the quality of the food to be prepared. Avoiding flames in a barbecue is imperative. Apart from the technical side and the perfect atmosphere, you have to think about the type of dishes. What can you grill on the barbecue? Meat and vegetables, and that’s it? Although burgers and steaks are traditionally the most common foods thrown on the grill, there are plenty of other options: from steak to oysters to vegan salad, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s start with grilled meats, which will delight meat lovers. If you are wondering how to plan the quantity, keep in mind that a portion of 100-200 g/3.5-7 oz per person is enough. Of course, there will be big eaters and if you serve generous portions of side dishes you won’t run out of food.

What Main Courses to Serve at a Barbecue?

what can you grill on the barbecue meat beef lamb pork chicken season marinate


You can serve grilled rib eye, sirloin or strip loin. Seasoning the meat before throwing it on the grill is crucial for the flavor. Try a beer marinade and learn the cooking tricks to make your grilling a success. And don’t forget to let the meat for 10 minutes before serving with tartar sauce, chimichurri, pesto sauce or lemon mayonnaise. Any meat is good for the barbecue if you season it with the right spices.

Do you want the kids enjoy themselves? Go for sausages or hot dogs or something a little different. Try to impress with bratwurst or chicken sausage. Fry onions on the flat plate and add extra condiments like sauerkraut, salsa or hot sauce to add a twist to the standard hot dog in a bun.

Burgers are other favorites, which can be customized by topping them with cheese and ketchup, as well as lettuce, tomato, cabbage and caramelized onions.

Beef and lamb rival pork which can become tender and juicy, the quintessential meat, which just falls off the bone. It melts in your mouth, especially if you slow cook it in barbecue sauce. Cook it in the slow cooker first, but then keep it warm on the grill.

As for the lighter meat, which is chicken, salt it beforehand, and this will help retain its juices when cooking. Marinade is the key to chicken breast. Try the versions: grilled chicken with honey mustard, spicy wings, soy drumsticks with ginger or chicken skewers with satay sauce.

What Seafood Can Be Grilled on the Barbecue?

what seafood can be grilled on the barbecue shrimps skewers oysters mussels

Most shellfish grill easily and have a mild, smoky flavor. Try shrimp skewers with ginger and soy sauce, they are delicious with a lime vinaigrette. Hot oysters with garlic barbecue sauce are a delight for lovers of grilled seafood. There is nothing easier than preparing marinated mussels on the barbecue after having opened and washed them. It is always the spices that make the taste essential: parsley, garlic, shallot, tomato purée and white wine.

Grilled fish is something impossible to miss. We guarantee you that once you have tasted grilled trout, it will be love at first sight. Mackerel, sardines, sea bream share the same glory.

What Can You Grill on the Barbecue for Vegetarians/Vegans?

what can you grill on the barbecue vegetables desserts fruits

Although barbecues and vegetarians don’t seem to go well together, the vegetarian and vegan options are endless. Try grilled marinated tofu chunks, grilled halloumi, and vegetable skewers. Grilled cauliflower steaks or grilled acorn squash are a great alternative to the main course.

Do you share the opinion that fruits should not be grilled Wrong thinking! You can even toast your dessert. Unjustly overlooked, grilled fruit can bring your barbecue evening to a close with applause. Pineapple or melon slices with coconut ice cream. Peach, watermelon, avocado, pear reveal unsuspected flavors.

As food is always at the center of any event or social gathering, a backyard barbecue is no exception. For the right kind of meat and to get the best cuts for your grill, visit your local grocery store, which is supplied by local farmers.



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