What Flowers to Give on Women’s Day – 8 Ideas to Make Women Happy

by Kremy

It is a long tradition to give flowers as this is the perfect way to pay respect and honor women on International Women’s Day. To many, it seems a cliché, but the truth is that flowers are always the best gift for any holiday and especially on March 8th. What flowers to give on Women’s Day? How to choose from the plethora of options offered by the florists?

What flowers to give on Women’s Day and show your appreciation for the women in your life?

What flowers to give on Women's Day 8 Ideas to Make Your Beloved Happy

Those who choose flowers for Women’s Day for their wives and loved ones should remember a simple rule – beloved women are given their favorite flowers. Of course, there is no strict rule, it is more a matter of availability but having in mind that March 8th is in early Spring, seasonal flowers are always a good idea.

If you wonder what flowers to give on Women’s Day, have in mind that purple, green, and white are the colors of International Women’s day. Purple signifies justice and dignity, green symbolizes hope and white represents purity. These colors originated from the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) in the UK in 1908. In addition, Purple symbolizes the efforts for gender equality and is an expression of support to women. There are many flowers to choose from – delicate tulips; roses, gerberas, orchids, lilies, peony roses, carnations, daffodils, chrysanthemums, etc.


Mimosa is the symbolic flower of Women’s Day


Mimosa is the symbolic flower of International Women’s Day. In 1946 Unione Donne Italiane (the Italian Women’s Union) organized the first celebration of this holiday and the members of the union chose the mimosa as a symbol of this celebration. The flower represents strength, sensibility, and sensitivity and in Italy the tradition of giving a bouquet of mimosa flowers to women of all ages is practiced to this day. Giving Mimosa flowers became popular across the globe and besides being a symbol of respect, elegance, dignity, the flower is associated with cheerfulness, sunlight and summer.

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Tulips are a great gift for March 8th

Tulips are a great gift for March 8th. They create a spring mood and a joyous atmosphere. You can give them to your wife, mother, daughter, sister or friends. Tulips come in a wide variety of colors and meanings.

  • Red tulips express love.
  • Pink tulips show love, attention and affection.
  • Yellow tulips are associated with friendship and joy.
  • White tulips are a symbol of purity.

Seasonal Spring Flowers

Seasonal Spring Flowers for Womens Day

The first flowers that can only be seen in spring are freesias, irises, tulips, lilies of the valley, snowdrops, daffodils. Seasonal spring flowers bouquets may be small but they are so cute that hardly any woman will be dissatisfied.

primrose for women's day what flowers to give

On March 8, you can also buy potted primroses. The spring freshness of such a bouquet will please any woman, because the plant can be brought home and grown as a houseplant for a long time, there are no particular difficulties in caring for it.

what flowers to give on women's day Hyacinths

Hyacinths win the hearts of women with their delicious aroma and unusual appearance.

What Flowers to Give on Women’s Day – Roses for the Women You Love

What Flowers to Give on Women's Day Roses

Tulips are considered as universal flowers that can be presented to any woman you know. Roses, however, are the most popular flowers that express your feelings. On International Women’s Day you can please your mother or wife with a bouquet of roses. A large bouquet of red roses is perfect for your wife or girlfriend while multi-colored mixes or a bouquet of peony roses is ideal for your mom.


bouquet of white lilies for March 8th

Many women love lilies – they look gorgeous in a bouquet or as a part of a flower arrangement. Lilies represent motherhood, passion, beauty and will be a great gift for March 8th.


What flowers to give on Women's Day orchids

If you are not sure what flowers to give on Women’s Day, go for an orchid! Their delicate, exotic beauty is incomparable. From ancient times the orchid is a symbol of femininity, love and beauty. Take advantage of this symbolism and your gift will convey this message to the person you hold dear.


What flowers to give on Women's Day carnations

Carnations, also known as the ‘divine flower’ based on its Greek name Dianthus, symbolize charm, love, passion, honor and freedom, loyalty. These are one of the most popular cut flowers for bouquets and the variety of colors allows you to create a beautiful bouquet for Women’s Day.


gerbera Womens day gifts and flowers ideas

Gerberas, or gerbera daisies, are wonderful and will definitely lift the mood of any woman and brighten up the atmosphere in any room. They are an ideal flower to gift on International Women’s Day.



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