What is a Fae Trap and Why It Went Viral on the Internet? + 5 Popular Types of Fae

by Radost P.

If you are a fan of the platform TikTok, you most probably have heard of the term ‘fae trap’ and now you are wondering what it means. Besides, you may even not know what exactly is a fae creature. Don’t worry, though, we will explain. In this article, we will tell you more about the origin of this phrase and why it went viral on social media. Also, we will talk about five different types of fae. So, keep on reading.

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What is a Fae Creature?

This is a mythical and supernatural creature, associated with the European folklore. You might be surprise, but another way of saying ‘fae’ is ‘fairy’. There are different kinds of faes, yet the common thing between them is that they live in nature. According to folklore, fae were living in the spiritual space before humans were created. Overall, their origin still remains in mystery.

What is a Fae Trap?

Now, that we have explored the meaning behind a fae creature. Let’s move on to the next hot topic – what is a fae trap? Just like humans, fae can either have good or bad intentions. Most fairies don’t like connecting with us, yet sometimes they can set traps. Typically, these are found in nature where fae live in. So, what are the consequences of being caught in a fae trap? One option is for fairies to kidnap you and take you to their realm. Another thing that can happen to you is to be forced to dance until fainting. You probably want to know how to prevent these bad events from happening to you. The only way is to be able to recognize a real fae trap. It can look like a ring of mushrooms or a plant that moves unnaturally. So, the next time you’re somewhere in the wild space, be wary of any irregular phenomenon.

What are Different Types of Fairies?

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Like humans, fae have personality characteristics. This means that they can be good-natured or evil. Only the bad ones could set up a fae trap. The most common types of fairies are nymphs, pixies, elves, devas, and brownies. Below, we will tell you more about them.

What is a Fae? – Nymphs

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Overall, nymphs are known to originate from Greece and to be harmless. In fact, they look like beautiful females that sometimes can fall in love with humans. The fae possess characteristics like femininity, cheerfulness, playfulness. There are different kinds of this creature – water nymphs, tree nymphs, and many others. According to legends, the fairies live long years, yet they’re not immortal.


what is a fae trap

As most fairies, pixies live in the woods or anywhere in the nature. They are the ones that have most contact with humans, so that’s why they’re so popular in Disney movies. According to folklore tales, pixies have wings and are around 4 inches tall. These creatures like the feeling of home, so if you want to attract them in your garden, you could make a shelter.


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These creatures became quite popular thanks to movies and books on folklore subjects. Compared to other types of fae, elves are most similar to humans in terms of stature. Generally, there are two kinds of elves – light and dark. According to legends, elves are famous for placing changelings in the homes of humans. They are also known for being protectors of the woods.


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Devas are particularly small, so they are quite similar to fireflies. It is known that they come from Greece and like to be in the woods. So, how to recognize devas? They look like orbs of lights in nature spaces. What is particularly interesting about this type of creature, is that it tends to gravitate towards healthy plants and not damaged ones.


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According to folklore, brownies originate from Scotland and help farmers with different tasks. So, this fae likes people who are hard-working and need help with things like feeding the sheep. These creatures tend to have brown skin and pointed ears. They do not have wings, so sometimes they can live underground. When living with a family of humans, brownies tend to bring luck to the household. Yet, you shall not forget to give them food, otherwise they get pissed off.

In a nutshell, fae trap meaning became a trendy topic on its own in the last couple of months. Many TikTok creators started posting videos of ‘obvious fae trap’ which included things like a moving fern, or a coffee cup placed on a walking path. Other people claim to felt like someone was watching them or speaking to them in the woods. Sometimes, the folklore legends can impact our thinking a lot more than we would have expected. We hope that we gave you sufficient information on what is a fae trap and how to prevent getting caught up in it.


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